April 20, 2017 Youth Impact

Your First Step is the Footprint for Others

Have you ever wondered why parents mostly ask only the older sibling to mend their habits?

Why only the seniors are often asked to be a role model for their juniors?

Why having power makes the person so much responsible in a way?

Because they are setting examples for the people affiliated with them or around them.

They have an impact on the people around them, be it in a positive or in a negative way.

But it’s time we revolutionized this old concept: to be impactful, that person doesn’t need to be the older child, a senior, or an established power-bearer. This can be you, me, or any other person who has can discover true abilities within them.

People around this person learn from them, from their tactics, and from how they respond to the problems. They get inspired from when they respond to problems with solutions instead of complaining about them.


If you think the time for you to make an impact hasn’t arrived, think again. Are you really making sense here or are you just afraid of testing your potential?

Trust is the key factor in this scenario which makes the beginning possible.

  1. Trust in your inner strengths.
  2. Trust that others have in

Having trust in your inner strengths means recognizing your positive potential, and commanding your actions and using your nerves of steel which you haven’t discovered yet.

Trust that others put in you comes from the way you deal with your surroundings, how you communicate with others, and how you treat the less fortunate, those don’t have as many opportunities as you do.

If you use your abilities to their maximum every day, your actions will do wonders for you.

People start following your footprint because they begin to trust you and are left mesmerized by the way you have activated your abilities.

Thus taking that first step is the most important even if intimidating. Once that first step’s fear is ignored and initiative is taken, what lies ahead is a mixture of success, excitement, and increasing confidence. You never know what wonders your footprint carries for you and for others.