September 1, 2016 Youth Impact


“I have seen more than I Remember

And remember more than I have seen”


We all have watched movies in which the characters are depressed and then asked by the company to take a break and go somewhere to gather themselves up, to refresh their soul, to widen their minds and to leave their worries behind.

Yes! Travelling and going outside in the nature has a direct effect on your profession with other countless gains.

Travelling gives you an edge and makes you a better coworker.

But How?

Let’s look into this deeper!

“And Then They Realized, Adventures are the best way to learn”

5 Reasons Why Travelers are better coworker:

Give time to Nature and in return It’ll give you Experience: Look into the sky and see what you find? Thousands of stars, sun, planets, asteroids, meteoroids, clouds rainbow, birds and countless other things. You learn new thing from each of them, but can you do this from behind the door, from inside your room?

Nature is a well filled with lots of sweet water but that well won’t come towards you, you’ll have to go there to satisfy your thirst of experience and you will find that well there when you feel the thirst again…

Travelling Improves Confidence: Outing, spending time of leisure with nature and travelling makes you a better and confident person.

You have to go to Lahore tomorrow?

Ohh the bag pack! I haven’t packed anything yet. How is the weather there, how the food tastes there? Will there be thugs? …….

Such countless questions increase our worries, but those who travel a lot don’t have such worries. Travelling and spending time outside has answered their questions or maybe taken away their fear.

Let’s stay curious!


Outdoor People Are Healthier: Outing, with other countless blessings, bless us with good health. You may feel that you are safer inside buy you’ll be surprised to know that according to Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the concentration of some pollutant is 3-5 times (sometimes more than 100 times) higher indoor than outdoors. Air pollution is also 25-62% higher inside (California Air Resources Board).

It is also good for eyes and decreases chances of myopia.

Outing also fulfill needs of Vitamin D.

So briefly according to Scientific Researches, those who spend more time outside have strong muscles (obviously because of physical activity), good eyes, low fats (so low chances of heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetics and many more) and nature gives them Vitamin D. So without any second thought, we can conclude that people who spend time outside are healthier.

Nature is never sad nor are its Friends:

Going outside benefits the mental health. According to a study those who spend time in nature have lower stress level. Another 2010 study finds out that adding some trees will even make it better!

Going outside take your worries and rather than worrying about your problems, you’ll be busy staring at the kitten wandering in the garden near the plants. As a result, when you’ll get back, you’ll be focused and in a better position to face and solve problems.


Travelers are Peoples People:

Those who go outside, meet a lot of people. The gain valuable knowledge about people’s nature, customs, dresses, food and lifestyle. They can understand people because they have loads of confidence to speak and take chances. They don’t panic and handle every situation gracefully whenever something unexpected happens. They love to learn so they get deeper in other people nature and understand them better.



Briefly, those who spend more time outside, understand, handle and works with other people better than other people who spend less time outside and people and happier and more useful while working with them.

Muhammad Osama Shahzad