April 28, 2015 Youth Impact

Why adaptability is important for the Youth – Learn from Markhor


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.

These two simple sentences cover our entire life. We live our whole life trying to find ourselves. We strive to find the reason of our existence. Often we even try to attribute our meaningless and baseless actions and decisions to the concept of finding ourselves. Yet as Mr. Shaw clearly states we shouldn’t live our lives trying to find out the reason we were born in this world. Rather we should create our own reason to live. We should set our own goals and set out to achieve them.

An important aspect in this concept is adaptability. The youth, especially, should be aware of this as they would undoubtedly encounter it later on. People should learn to adapt themselves to the changing situations and environments. Without adapting one can’t flourish anywhere in the world. This is because life is not stagnant. It is filled with ups and downs and a person should go with the flow i.e. adapt to life in order to succeed. A person should adapt to the ever changing circumstances just like a markhor does. The markhor dons a thick coat in the winter that helps to protect against the freezing cold of the Himalayan winters while it wears a thin one which helps to regulate it body heat in the summers. In encounters with enemies, too. The markhor is always aware of the terrain and adapts itself according to both the landscape and the opposition while dealing with a predator.


Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/45/ac/ba/45acbacaeee71649d58de840a7d73e7e.jpg

The youth should also be like this. When they enter the corporate world many of them are unable to change themselves according to its demands and fail entirely. They don’t get much jobs nor are they able to stand, much less compete, in the corporate world. They eventually fail and self-destruct due to their own fool hardiness and resistance to change.

Leadership is also an important aspect of creating yourself as you should create yourself as you see fit not follow others’ footsteps. This is because every person is a separate individual with unique skills and talents. They should adapt to the conditions but should never follow anyone. Rather they should create their own path and in the process, create themselves.
By Faran Shahid

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