April 16, 2015 Youth Impact



  1. Passion

The most successful entrepreneurs share the same trait: They are passionate about what they do. Zuckerberg has always been fascinated by building systems that connect people. His passion was always to make the world more open, sometimes radically so.

  1. Purpose


Sense of purpose breeds the sense of belonging, it sparks intense employee and customer loyalty. Great leaders (and great companies) create movements, not just products. Facebook isn’t just a social networking site, it is a way of staying on touch with people around the world, a place to bring people together and build communities, and a tool for sharing information.

  1. Focus


When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, a part of him knew where he wanted his website to go and what he wanted his company to become – it had to have a higher purpose. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Facebook went through its phases of refinement with Mark at its helm. And now, besides its worldwide popularity and appeal, Facebook is an ad revenue churner that’s making Mark Zuckerberg wealthier by the second. This man didn’t just change the way the world networked, he’s influencing advertising and possibly what you eat as well!

  1. Listens to His Employees


They say that good bosses follows his instincts but great bosses listens to their employees. As far back as 2005, when Mark Zuckerberg was busy meeting with venture capitalists for Facebook, he was known to disappear for long stretches of time, leaving his employees with no plan and no vision for the future. Seeing that most of his then staff was getting demotivated, a senior executive told him about his lack of CEO-like behaviour. Zuckerberg listened, found himself mentors who helped him improve his communication skills and now, he’s a pro. In fact, current Facebook employees laud him for giving them a clear picture of where the company is and where it’s going.

  1. Forming Partnerships


All great companies are built by great teams and Zuckerberg knows this better than anyone else. The Mark Zuckerberg-Sheryl Sandberg partnership is legendary in the business world. After she quit Google and joined Facebook, the latter’s annual revenue rose exponentially! In fact, Zuckerberg claims that he’s not a businessman, and in many ways he isn’t. He’s a visionary, a founder and a man with great instinct, and an even better sense of perseverance. But, with Facebook growing the way it did, he knew that he had to hire someone who was good holding the business end and he did everything he could to get Sheryl Sandberg on-board. The rest, as they say, is history.

  1. A Strong Communicator


Interestingly, Zuckerberg has at times been criticized for his lack of public presence or inability tocommunicate effectively with the public. Of course, public speaking and strong communication arecrucial aspects of leadership. However, his unending struggles for growth have paid off. As mentioned by CNET Commentator, Ben Parr, in The Evolution of Mark Zuckerberg as a Leader, Zuckerber’s public speaking style is now “poised, confident and articulate.” It may have been a struggle for someone who started out as a tech guy, but Zuckerberg is now admired for his ability to effectively speak with his team and with the world.

Written by: Sara Khan

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