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Bill gates

Bill Gates, or William Henry “Bill” Gates III, was born on Octorber 28, 1955 in an upper-middle-class family in Seattle, Washington USA. 1967, At the age of 13, Bill Gates attended the Lakeside School, where he first worked with computers and met Paul Allen.
Leadership Style
Bill Gates’ leadership style is a mixture of autocratic, participating and delegate so he can apply each style to the most suitable situation. It is very important to recruit and keep the best gifted people in the software industry.He built trust and loyalty partly by taking his employees’ opinion into account.Competitive atmosphere allowed for the best outcome of problems.

Bill Gates’ Traits
Five major traits

  •  Intelligent
  •  Skillful and competent
  •  Determinant
  •  High in integrity
  •  Sociable

Leadership Style
:Gates is more likely task-oriented leader who wants performance from his subordinate/follower and work has to be done to achieve the goal/objective of the company.
Autocratic:There are three types of leader: democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire. Autocratic leadership style works well if the leader is competent and knowledgeable enough to decide about each and everything. Bill Gates adopted autocratic leadership style.
At first, was not a participative leader. He had high technical skills, but did not feel comfortable giving others influence on decisions. Then he learned that he could not do everything on his own.Only way he was able to delegate was hiring the most talented employees and giving autonomy to his managers.
He has always had more technical skills than interpersonal skills.When he first created Microsoft, he only knew how to look at behavior, such as rewarding good work and punishing poor performance (Transactional) Later on, becoming more of a transformational by trying to appeal to employee’s emotions through tactics such as motivation and support. He still has some aspects of a transformational leader.

Legitimate:It is used by Bill Gates while dealing with higher-level managers.
Reward:Microsoft is famous for giving huge remuneration packages and bonus to its employees.
Coercive:Bill Gates was an autocratic leader but he never made rash threats & used coercion to manipulate others or to gain personal benefits
Personal Powers
Expert: Gates is a master of his subject and his knowledge and expertise is never questioned, tagging him having the expert power
Referent: Appeals influencing tactics based on loyalty and friendship

  • Strategic planning skill
  • Communication skill
  • Teamwork skill
  • Motivation skill


Written by: Sara Khan

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