April 28, 2015 Youth Impact

What makes a Markhor a Markhor?

Systemized living

The Markhor spends the summer time high up in the mountains reaching 11,000 ft. Due to their somewhat thick coat, they tend to stay cool at higher altitudes. In summers, when food is abundant it eats all kinds of herbs and green plants. In the colder part of the year, the Markhor comes downhill to about 1,600 ft. because its coat is not thick enough to protect it from extreme temperatures. And in the winters, the Markhor browses for leaves present on trees to which it also has a great advantage. Point is, their whole life they follow a simple routine which has made them such splendid beings.


The Markhor is one of a kind and quite different from the goat family. Its habits and attitude are unique from domestic goats. This is what makes it an object of such value. It has such boldness due to which it is much esteemed. They are comfortable about where they are, and as long as their needs are provided for. It is the originality and distinction of a Markhor that makes it a Markhor!


One might see the Markhor freely leaping rock to rock on the mountains without ever having the need to stop and reflect over the consequences. No, because they have the valour to do so. A quality that few possess and avail to their full advantage. A trait that makes great characters of individuals.


The Markhor does a great deal to keep its stomach full. It grazes dawn and dusk in summers grazing the lands. The males like solitude and like to keep to themselves. Their most stunning quality is self-reliance. The reason of this behaviour is beautifully explained.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.” 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Less trusts

The Markhor females mostly keep small companies of up to 9. They stay with them while grazing and while resting. They come to an understanding with the group members and move as a team. This is a very important characteristic of the Markhor which is quite helpful in terms of security for their young ones. Moreover, while movement, they stick together and have an identity of their own.


The Markhor would go to any extent for whatever it wants to do. For instance, during the mating season, the males fight to win the females. They use their horns as a weapon and try to outsmart the opponent. They won’t resist once they’ve chosen their partner and will give their best to get it. This makes them successful in all of their routine tasks.


A Markhor is proud to be a Markhor. That is the thing that counts the most. That is the thing that makes you happy in life and sets an example for others to follow you, to be led by you. The Markhor may be considered a leader for it has all the essential qualities to be one.



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