April 9, 2017 Youth Impact

What is Markhor?

Markhor – the national animal of Pakistan is the emblem of pride and nobility. Being one of endangered species, it thrives in an extremely challenging life-cycle to survive. The grace with which this magnificent animal struggles to sustain at high altitudes, rugged mountains, harsh climate and food deficit, inculcates in it resilience and adaptability. Quite similar are the absurd circumstances faced            by Pakistani youth and so is their     urge to survive. This is why Pakistan’s first wilderness based learning conference has been named “Markhor.”

Markhor is not just a typical youth conference; rather it is a whole new revolutionary experience that enables youth to contemplate the beauty of earth finding lifelong reserves of hidden strengths in them. A wilderness experience of 4 days on a mountain top at 9240 ft above sea level including camping, hiking, cooking, and surviving the most daring environmental conditions is a journey beyond description. The 4 days of simulated activity-based teaching, dividing diverse groups of youth into tribes, providing critical tasks and completing them together, helps prepare delegates for real life challenges and discover their solutions. A series of projects, activities, debates, discussions and keynotes allows cross flow of ideas and aid in overcoming communication barriers, boosts self confidence, sharpens mental capabilities and unleashes leadership potential within youth.

Markhor is going to give you a life-changing ethereal experience, infusing better sense of self-realization and practically reshaping your ideology of life. It will help youth to acquire agility, strength, and spirit under the supervision of excellent, internationally qualified trainers from various fields of life altogether at one of one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan. They will share their experiences, stories, and expertise, channelizing youth energy and helping them rediscover fresh perspective of life, instilling a sense of service to the world and developing a true Markhor spirit in them.


Evolution of Markhor


A project started by Youth Impact, a non-profit organization greatly known for its wilderness based training adventures, Markhor’s main objective is to create the Markhors that our Nation needs. Under the mentorship of CEO Youth Impact, Abdul Samad Khan, a certified Outdoor Educator from the world’s leading National Outdoor Leadership School, USA, this conference will offer much more than you expect.

Markhor started in 2013 as Pakistan’s first ever wilderness-based conference with focus on how our youth should be trained to cope with the challenges they have to face in the professional world. This conference is affiliated with many leaders, youth representatives, wilderness camping trainers, and also some organizations for the scholarships. Main features include limit testing, keynote sessions, debates, brainstorming wilderness activities, and much more.
No pain no Gain goes very well with this conference, you have to leave your comfort zone to learn how to survive in high altitudes such as Mukshpuri’s 9000+ft. above the sea level in sporadic weather conditions facing sunburn at day and extremely low temperature at nights.
But one thing is for sure, you won’t be the same as you were before attending this conference. You will be left amazed by your new self.

Till now 4 Markhor youth conferences have been realized. Youth, who normally age 17-25 years old, not only hailing from the four provinces Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan but also from Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and FATA, apply actively to experience wilderness for 4 days. In 2013 more than 2000 applicants applied and the best 77 were selected on merit. It focused on the building of character that professional world requires the most. Later in 2014 conference participants’ seats were increased from 77 to 100 seeing the youth’s interest and potential of applying for this conference, Markhor’14 focused on the world betterment issues and their solution. Till Markhor’15 many youths discovered this cause and OC had to further increase the delegates seat to 100+ with the theme of creating leadership skills. Last year Markhor’16 was carried again with 86 participants with a powerful theme What’s your Impact, enabling Markhor to find solutions to social problems in their communities through their own personal experience.

And, of course, you will take back with you emotions and laughter you shared with everyone, lifelong lessons, and your new true self which will distinguish you from others as you will have been Markhored.
Brand Launch Markhor 17


As you can see each year Markhor gets better and better, As the evolution of Markhor gets more and more effective, the organizing committee for Markhor gets more productive and amazing. Every member of the organizing committee is carefully picked and planned out by our Core team members, based on their profile and bio, in order to ensure an even more adventurous, unique, safer and thrilling event than that of last year. Each task is carefully planned out by our Project lead, which the organizing committee further executes, the organizing committee mainly consists of delegates of last year in order to put their leadership skills to a test and enhance them in much more practical ways. What is The Markhor Brand Launch 2017? It’s an exciting event where the entire organizing team gathers and puts their heads together and lays down its ideas in order to make the initial crucial decisions that will be executed at the event itself, leading to the start of the Markhor journey. Here at the brand launch we have the entire team, mentors and even the guest speakers participating. Mentors look after the progress of the Organizing committee and guide them to prevent common errors, and make sure the event is progressed with full glee and success. Speakers share their life experiences and their journey of life that add up to the spirit and courage of the already oh-so-hyped team and inspire them to be even better. Thoughts, advice by mentors, and ideas by speakers are shared and exchanged among the team at the brand launch. The collective strategy and contribution of the team is what gives us a well-composed, put-together brand launch. The excitement level intensifies when matters are discussed for the long journey that awaits us ahead. With all that the team has planned beforehand, much of the information is unveiled at the brand launch: Last year the conference was held at Mukshpuri, and this year? It’s a mystery yet. That and much more delicate information would be revealed at the Brand launch, stay tuned to find out what surprises are coming your way.