September 9, 2017 Youth Impact

Unity through diversity

Let’s take a closer look at what these two keywords actually mean; Unity: joined as a whole. Diversity: variety. Hmm, seems pretty different now doesn’t it? It actually puzzles my mind as to how far apart these two words can be in terms of what they mean, but also how close and how important of an impact both of these words COMBINED can turn out to be. 
I actually have a theory! I think the word diversity means the variety of races of mankind we have in this world, including black, white etc etc. and I think the word unity means ‘the human race.’
You see using the word diversity I just explained and differentiated and divided the human race by a few examples, and with the word Unity I didn’t classify any one as a separate entity but instead I put each and everyone under the name of ‘the human race.’ Now what amuses me is how powerful both these very different words can actually turn out to be when put together. Imagine! The entire world working together and UNITED! Regardless of their sect, their race, their color, their religion, but instead all working for the sake of being a simple plain human being.
Just think of how many problems would we be excluded from this world if there was no such thing as racism? Fewer wars, lesser crimes, lesser.. Hatred? 
With the exact phrase ‘unity through diversity’ Youth Impact has taken this as a motto for this year’s Markhor 2017. Over the years we’ve had themes such as: fit for Pakistan in 2015 and as well as ‘what’s your impact?’ In 2016. This year as most of you know it’s going GLOBAL. It’s bigger than ever! Why not take this very phrase and bring it to life? People from almost all over the world, given the motivation and the incentive to work for another, to be peaceful, to cause no harm, to understand the cultures and set aside their differences and be the change makers! 
Youth impact itself has been having a knack, or more like an ‘experience’ I’d like to call it, to groom young individuals from all over the country, regardless of their province or city or culture, each and every being has been motivated to work for the cause of humanity, to work for the betterment of the country. We don’t see where you’re from or why, we just know you’re human (that’s why you’re reading this) and that’s enough for us to know! There’s enough hatred in this world, let’s join heads and spread love with unity through diversity.