January 16, 2017 Youth Impact

Transformation comes from within

Every day that you are alive in this world, every moment that you are at home, safe with a roof over your head is a miracle. A blessing. A work of chance. You did nothing to deserve an amazing family, nothing really to have food on your table. And if life wasn’t initially fair to you, you should understand that it is not your fault either. But is a test to see if you succumb to your circumstances or if you take control of your life and change its direction.

For it is true that no one will blame you if you were born in an underprivileged family, but you will most certainly be at fault if you haven’t made something of yourself by the end of it.

As the saying goes, excuses are for losers. Thus, if you are justifying your lack of success, nobody is going to listen.

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Just stop to think if you have ever heard of any stories about people who against undefying odds failed? Has the world ever given importance to a person born poor, who died the same? Has it ever appreciated students who didn’t do as well at school because of the problems they were facing? No! What will truly matter is not that your condition was tough and you failed, but that you succeeded when faced with such adversity.

Your life is yours to make something of and you will be expected to do just as much.

And to become a success story, you need to be in a constant state of change. Only when you set your mind to becoming the best version of yourself can you hope to be transformed into an image of it. Only when your struggle to be better doesn’t end, can you actually be the best. Your transformation needs to come from you, and it is the only way to move on to become the very best, most successful you there is.


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So, take control, know yourself. Change everything and anything that is holding you back. The transformation will never be complete, but one day you will be able to see all that you have accomplished.

-Mahrukh Javed Khan