August 23, 2016 Youth Impact

Tips to plan your gap year


It’s August and some of the school kids might just be a little demented right now as it’s the month of high school or CIE results! Not a good time eh! Anyway my prayers go to all the kids expecting their results. Some of these little fellows will wander off to colleges and universities while other might just stay back and plan their gap year. So here are a few ideas to help you plan your gap year.





Its adventure time!

No not the cartoon series! But for real utilize your time to have the great adventure of your life as you may not get this time again. Trust me your life ahead is jam packed with boring lectures, meetings and adult things, like paying taxes, bills and doing your dirty laundry. So plan now where you want to go!





Learn a new language

You have got plenty of time on your hands be responsible and learn a new language. It’s always good to learn a new language it not only enhances your linguistic skills but also helps you learn more about someone else’s culture and improves your general knowledge. So go ahead give it a try.




 Try becoming a YouTuber

It’s quite a new thing, adopting YouTube as an actual profession for the time being can be an amusing task. Many famous YouTube stars started their career in their gap years. The famous jacksGap is one of them.






Try volunteering

You could use your time more efficiently by volunteering for charity organizations and NGOs. This way you not only get internal satisfaction but also some points to add in your CV.





You could always do an internship in your gap year. This internship could be even be related to your hobby such as writing. Some internships are paid. Hence you can not only polish your skills and learn new things but also earn some money





 Skill grooming

Enroll yourself in a skill grooming course such as join a baking or cooking class or maybe enroll in a sewing course. Possibilities are endless my friend. Use your time productively.

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I hope these tips help

Ayesha Hameed