July 13, 2017 Youth Impact

This story impacted me and my friends, will it impact you too?

Never knew we could really get to experience the feeling of actually being impacted by something, or having a purpose or having a sudden mind shift. It seemed nearly, remarkably impossible. But it happened, and here’s how.

Let’s get to the part of me actually figuring out my purpose at a .. Dhaba (sounds weird but just keep reading) Me and my friends finally get to hang out with each other once again after so long. Those tragic university exams were finally over. We swore to eat desi like never before, and so we did we ordered our food just the way we liked it. Fast forward our food was served when we figured we were missing out on some soft drinks I make a hand gesture to the waiter asking for drinks cause my mouth was to full to scream. (The waiter held his hand up in the air and yells ‘chotu.’ (Little one) a little boy aged 14 almost would bring this crate of drinks in his hands. But he seemed tired or sad.. Maybe it was because of the work. My friend playfully asks the kid why he was so down. To which he replies ‘if you’d really like to know sir, please meet me outside the Dhaba after you’re done with your meal.’ We were amused, but we did as he said, we ate and then headed over to the kid.

There he stood head down. Again the same question was placed but this time the emotions from the receiver’s end was different he had tears in his eyes saying ‘sir, I know this might sound fake or bizzare to you but I’m in desperate need for a loan of 500 RS, I need to pay for my brothers tuition fee, that’s the only reason I work, he’s already been kicked out of school for a week due to late fee reasons, his fee is due the next two days and if I don’t get it for him he may be suspended.’ He explained in his language. My friends gave me the glare telling me it’s a scam and that he was just bluffing. But a soft part of me couldn’t bare those tears, however despite what my friends said i gave him the money, he happily takes it and says to come and get it in two weeks which was due date for his wages. I knew at the back of my head that would never happen, but I still nodded for his satisfaction. I listened to my friends telling me how stupid I was entirely on the way back home.

Finally it was the day, it was time to get my supposed money that I lent, I wasn’t looking forward to go but my friends insisted so they could have the last laugh, again at how much of an idiot I was that day, we made our way through the Dhaba ordered a good old lassi and waited patiently trying to spot the kid, none of us could see him, my friends were already giving me the ‘told you so’ smirk. At that point I thought I had been played. I threw that thought aside still mad at myself, we were leaving the Dhaba when at that point I see the same kid running and saying from behind. ‘Sir!! Please wait!’ I turn around with my friends to see the exact same kids holding 500RS happily. My and my friends were amused and we felt terrible at that point, how much of jerks we had been.. That moment, It was too good to be true.

Today 2 of my friends from the same friend circle- work at Akhuwat foundation where interest free loads are provided to under privileged people in Pakistan while me and another friend of mine are currently teaching street kids for free of cost in hopes for establishing an organization to help the under privileged. The day changed our lives to this point, and I’m thankful it did.

Well This was my purpose, did you figure out yours yet?