July 13, 2015 Youth Impact

Zarlasht Shaharyar

Zarlasht Iqbal Regional Head CAs, Balochistan

It was one of my friends birthday  and all the group members had forgotten it and when we came to uni so she was so much cross and angry on us that she was not even talking to us and was using harsh words like I have no value for you people and all, and we all were feeling really bad about it and we consulted one of our teachers so that we could get some help so he asked us to give her treat but as it was ramzan so we were unable to arrange a party so we all decided to go to her house  the other day and surprise her. And we all decided to ignore her on that day and when she went home she posted very sad posts on facebook and the other day we all went to uni and then we left her alone and didn’t tell her where we went and we went to get her some gifts and when she went home we all went after her and followed her to her home and when we ringed the bell she opened the door and was amazed to see us over there and she was a bit surprised and then we celebrated her birthday and enjoyed our day.