July 13, 2015 Youth Impact

Tayyaba Zulfiqar Ali


I’m “De Cat Lady (title given to me by Faiq Sadiq)”. I love animals and have rescued many cats and dogs and treated and adopted them. I’m a cat whisperer – after a fashion. I can hear cats communicating with me. I want each and every person to respect and take care of any and every animal. Once I was walking down the street mad at something. It was so bad I thought I might break someone’s head. I guess Allah knew what I wanted. While I was walking, I saw a girl – a stranger. She passed me the sweetest smile ever. At that very instant, my worries vanished away and I felt happy and healthy. I thought about that smile for at least two weeks. Who was she? Why did she smile at me? Did she know me? She gave me a priceless gift. I loved that girl. I still do. I pray for her. She changed my life. She taught me to smile at strangers. She taught me to be selfless. Smile is an infectious disease