July 13, 2015 Youth Impact


Taha Jamshed Executive Marketing

I still remember the day when Youth Impact came to organize a leadership conference here at NUST called “Be your best.” NUST Adventure Club was hosting it and it was amazing. Sir Sarmad himself was the main host. It consisted of a group of activities, since I love participating I was always the first one jumping up to participate 😛 He was giving out chocolates as incentives to people who won each activity. Sadly I didn’t get to win any or be chosen to volunteer for one either. Now when the last chocolate was left he said “Now who wants this one?” Everyone raised their hands. He looked at me and I my hand was risen as usual and he said “YOU! You will get this chocolate.” I ran took my chocolate and got the picture taken 😛  He then asked us “Does anyone know why I chose him? I chose him because he was always the first one to take initiative and that is what matters, being the first one to try something new.”

What I learnt from this was simple you are never ignored in life, even if you feel like nothing is going your way, don’t stop and give up. Always be the first to do something don’t wait for an opportunity make it yourself and you never know when you will strike gold 😀