July 13, 2015 Youth Impact

Samar Iqbal


Markhor, frankly speaking, was a wonderful event from each dimension. But the best thing about it was the “nature”, which appealed me the most during the whole journey.  Although I was accompanied by numerous nostalgic memories on my return from Markhor, but the communication skills-based activities always bring smile on my face. It was fantastic experience. If I get a chance to attend that phenomenal event once again, I will definitely try to learn maximum from the people there, and enjoy as per my capacity each and every moment close to nature. On receiving mail from secretariat of Youth Impact, I was quite happy and excited to witness that wonderful event.Pakistani youth should attend such wilderness-based conferences because they provide an ample opportunity to understand the tone of nature and deriving lessons from the harmony of it. Besides imparting leadership qualities, such events help a lot in shaping minds of future brains of country. Inculcation of trio-ideas of “unity, faith & discipline” can best be accomplished through such events.