July 13, 2015 Youth Impact



During my childhood I travelled a lot. One time we were vacationing in Murree during winter season.

Obviously there was a lot of snow and most of the roads were had frozen over. We were going to our guestrooms from the mall road when my father took a wrong turn. We had the windows rolled up and the heater turned on so we didn’t the notice the locals shouting at us to stop. The moment we came to the ice covered steep road my dad lost control of the car. The car would not stop it started to slip down and wouldn’t even turn. Somehow my father maneuvered the car so that it hit a small pole right at the edge of the road. The situation was such that when my mom opened the door it was a 20’feet drop. The locals told us that just a few days another car had come this way, had lost control of the car and had fallen into the ditch. My whole family had been saved by some kind of miracle and of course also because of my dad’s quick thinking. The locals guided us safely to the main road.

After that incident I understood how valuable life is. How much we take it for granted. Just a small bump in the road and we start blaming Allah for everything wrong in our ignoring his blessings. This incident taught me to thank Allah for his blessings and to not think of hardships as a burden but as an opportunity to grow.