July 16, 2015 Youth Impact

Muhammad Ibrahim

Siawash Amiri, Executive Operations


“Someone once asked me. Why do you think all these things happened to you?
I was born in Iran, Tehran in an Elite class family. At the age of 13. I suffered so much turmoil that no one deserves in many life times. Gist of it is my parents got divorced, my 8 years old brother, Mother and I shifted to Pakistan in the hopes of going to Canada but were kidnapped for ransom, lost all our money, got rejected by the UN and had to start over below the poverty line.
I was diagnosed clinically depressed in 2003 and am still living with depression. It is a struggle to go about everyday activities with depression let alone the desire to have a dream or be ambitious. Unfortunately where we had settled, Quetta, lacks so many resources including proper medical specially psychological help. I spent years on the couch in front of TV, waiting for things to get better, hoping that God has a plan for everything and any day soon I will be rescued, somehow, by someone, anyone. But no one came. At the depths of my despair, in the darkness of the bottom of the well I found myself, and I did not like who I was. So I changed. I got up, joined a gym, got a job, studied and worked as hell.
In September 2014 I joined Markhor. In the last activity we went through a series of posts, each posts representing 10 years in the future. The last post had a question “what is written on your tomb stone after you die?” this question was the last gust to the sails of my boat. I realized now that a life with no direction is a life wasted.
In January 2015 I shifted to Lahore. I already have 2 Masters Degrees. Have years of experience in work place. I have organized 2 successful huge events for Youth impact;
i) Jasmine 0423
ii) Corporate dinner, launching “the wings club”.
I passed DELF A1 exam, cleared GAT and will pursue my PhD in I/O psychology (HRM) from GCU, Lahore. At the same time I am learning NLP that gives me the psychological tools to not only help my day to day psychological struggles but have been able to already used NLP techniques to help so many friends overcome fears.
Someone asked me, “Why do you think all these things happened to you?”
Well… I think events just occur, “shit happens” but meaning is what WE give to them. We can get stronger, better and learn from them or dwell and let life pass us by.
“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”
― Abraham Maslow
Thank you Youth Impact to make me feel a part of the family and accepting me as I am.”