July 22, 2015 Youth Impact

Idrees Khan

Idrees Khan


I, Idrees Khan from Peshawar, am going to share my short life’s story in order to motivate & incite you all. I did my matriculation from a govt school, lack of interest in studies led to poor grades, I was neglected by my family and surroundings, at time I was refused by many reputable colleges but that was a trigger in my life which changed the complete scenario of my life and I realized that hard work is the key to success but I never lost hope and kept myself motivated towards my aims. As result of my struggle, I secured high grades in inter. After that i managed to secure 6th position in my Bachelors amongst all the colleges affiliated with University of Peshawar. I am currently enrolled in Institute of Management sciences the 5th Business school of Pakistan and the top university of K.P.K.

Enjoying 70% of scholarship as well.

So never say that it is “impossible”. The word impossible itself says that “I m possible”: D

Hope for the best & prepare for the worst.