July 13, 2015 Youth Impact

Hymna Taimoor

hymna taimoor Executive Registeration Dept

Up till 2009, I thought that only success can make you feel delighted but one incident changed my view.

It was my Table Tennis tournament at regional level which was very important for me as it marked my entrance to the tournament at national level.

My team managed to qualify to the finals. But unfortunately, at the match point, I lost the match. That moment, I can’t forget. This was my first defeat in table tennis.

I was totally disheartened that I had lost the chance to participate at national level. When the teams were departing (our school was hosting the tournament), all the teams’ coaches came to me and appreciated my game! That moment was too awesome! I still remember one of them saying to me “Hymna , beta aap ki game buhat achi hai, buhat acha khela aap ne. Bas bad luck thi beta ke last point pe aap ki team haar gai!” Their kind appreciation words outweighed my grief.

This was not finished now; the surprise was yet to be unleashed! The next day, my sports teacher came to me and told me that yesterday; the Sports Director really liked my attacking game and has allowed me to be a part of our board team at national level!! I participated in it and although, I lost there, I am still happy to go through it.

Moral: Not always, winning is necessary, appreciation is!