July 13, 2015 Youth Impact

Huneez Ali


“Markhor was irreplaceable in its uniqueness for me. I can’t express my feelings in words, as someone who had never been to hike before, never saw such huge mountains; it was exceedingly splendid.

The best thing that I have learned at Markhor was ‘Teamwork’ and how to lead your team, because we were given different tasks where we had to work in team. My colleagues were from different cultures andI learned how to respect each other’s diversity.
One activity we had was writing letters to ourselves at the height of 9210ft. It was actually a pleasant experience. As it made me think what I really want to be in my life? What’s my ambition and purpose of my life!”

Youth should attend such events because it is the need of the hour to get motivation.
By Attending Markhor, they’ll become strong as a warrior. They’ll learn to face difficulties; no matter how challenging condition comes to them, they will face it with full courage.