July 22, 2015 Youth Impact

Haris Mehmood


It was the time of sports Olympiad 2k15 in BUITEMS university. I was representing my department (computer sciences) in basket ball match. On the first day after trial our senior player Shah Zaland came out with result that out of 5 we only had 2 players who could play basket ball well and guese what? I was in remaining 3 🙂 . At that time Shah Zaland and Ahmed Mujtaba (the second good player) tried to boost the morale of team and said ” It is not about winning or losing, the only thing that matters is team coordination “. So the idea was clear. The only plan we had to follow was that practice as much as we can and in the match we have to pass ball to Shah Zaland or Ahmed Mujtaba. Yes, that was the only plan :P. Our plan and handwork worked and we defeated BUITEMS top most teams, including previous champs and we were in final. This time the opponent was the undisputed and favorite team of the event, BBA, which had an experienced squad, not team :p . Before match our coach Mr. Shah Marjan and captain told us the same formula with some modification which included that ” Today is the day we have to prove how hard we have worked, today is the day we will prove what team coordination and man to man marking is “. As match started we marked their people and stuck to the plan and after many crucial moments we won by one basket.

On that day after celebrations, I realized the actual meaning of hardwork, dedication, and most importantly, never losing hope and just trying your best 😀