July 22, 2015 Youth Impact

Hafsah Sufian

hafsah sufian

When I was first chosen as an ambassador for Riphah International University for the grand event  Markhor, honestly speaking, I had no idea what Markhor was. Days passed by and I grew more ignorant about it. CA’s head used to post what Markhor was and I understood that it was something related to youth and to use strength to overcome most frequently occurring problems, but I found it more useless than before to be a part of this event. One day, my thoughts changed. Two incidents showed me a reality far beyond imagination. I was going out with a friend, and both of us were peeping into our cell phones, moving on the pavement, suddenly an old lady passing by pushed me away, I looked at her furiously, and she looked at me smiling, said “mera beta daikh k chalo” (My child! watch where you’re going). I looked down in surprise, a grand whole dug for water supply. I stood there thinking how I was so engrossed in my cell, surfing  face book, texting friends  that I didn’t even realize a trench could hurt me so badly.

After a few hours we had to calculate the vaule of sin 60. All of us started looking for a calculator, and none of us knew the answer, all of us were F.sc cleared. A moment of shame. All this shook me nd I realized Markhor was the best place to know ones abilities, we lay ourselves over the so called technology, which has led our minds useless. And I’m really sorry to say that, but if Lamarck’s theory of the use and disuse of organs would have been approved, we would have turned into chickens!!