July 22, 2015 Youth Impact

Aneesa Ayub


People think that education is expensive”. No, it’s not because I believe that negligence and being uneducated is far more harmful. My parents are my inspiration. My father wanted me to stand on my own feet which I am trying to do. One day i will make them proud Insha Allah. They are a blessing in this world no matter how many friends you make none of them can replace your parents. “Parents are irreplaceable” I did my fsc from Gilgit and later on got admission in university. I recently completed my 4th semester with good grades. In these two years i realise how different life is. This is the point where you come to know about the reality of life. The thing which I learnt in these two years is that the world is not going bear if you are different from them, if they see you different they are going to discourage you, demotivate you, crush your dreams, drag you into themselves, they cant bear your success but if you truly believe in yourself and your dreams, no one will ever be able to hurt you. Set your goals, set your priorities and seekĀ help from Allah. Stay strong and never compromise on what you believe and what you deserve then there is no power on earth that can stop you from achieving it. šŸ™‚