July 12, 2015 Youth Impact


Ahmed Abdur rehman            HR- Head

I’d like to share the story about my grandfather who meant the most in this world to me. I was 5 at the time. We spent hours discussing my petti issues. As time passed, these conversations turned into chess battles.  We both were equally good. Then one day, at the mere age of 9, I saw him lying down, looking pale, my father and grandmother were standing over him with worried looks, deep in discussion and it turns out he was suffering from a brain tumor. His condition worsened in a matter of few months. Then the dreadful tragedy struck on the 27th of June, my grandfather passed away. I was too shocked to even speak when I first found out. Looking at his body I wanted to scream and shout but no sound came out. Although the loss of a loved one is never easy to overcome, one has to move on. As the time passed, things started to go back to normal. I grew up, though I went on with my life, but not a day goes by today when I don’t miss the old man. He was my inspiration. Following his footsteps I took admission in Civil Engineering, being the first in the family, after my grandfather. Reaching this point today how I so wish that he were here today so that I could share with him all the ups and downs of life.