July 9, 2015 Youth Impact


Abdul Ahad, ALumini liasion

“A happy human!! A student of computer Science. I do event management as a passion. My love for mountains and sunsets made me a traveler. In Allah almighty I put my trust and He is the Lord of the mighty throne.”

This is how I usually introduce myself but here today I have to share something more. Though I have so many experiences to share but being specific I want to emphasize on importance of Volunteerism and how it changed my life. I strongly believe people, their behaviors and things going around you are the best teachers. Sitting Idle at home never teaches you the ways to spend life and making it more and more beautiful. It was 2nd semester of university and the two semesters were really great in terms of exposure I got by working voluntarily in students Club. The main motive was to learn and enhance communication skills by working/organizing events and bringing my ideas on plate. I believe it was my urge for learning that I got place of Vice President in Air University Students Club; the place where I was alone in terms of my age; the place where I was only junior and 69 seniors working under me.

It was life changing moment for me as my social network changed from 4 people to hundreds of international contacts now. Each step helped me to learn more and move forward.

So be a volunteer and feel proud to be a volunteer, it will not only gives you stupendous confidence but also a lot of opportunities to move ahead of all.

Stay High!!

Stay blessed!!