Aftab Saqib

  “Some said you are wasting your time. Some said you should focus only on your studies. Some said it’s not easy. Some looked at me, heard me, and laughed at me. But there were also some of those who said “Great Idea”. And some said, “You will have our support.” When I was in […]

Mahnoor Nadeem

Most of my life was spent in Gilgit city. After completing my Intermediate, I applied for Government Medical Colleges. I had a dream to get admission in a Government college but unfortunately, I was not selected in any Government college. It was unbelievable that I had lost something that I had wanted for 7 years. […]

Idrees Khan

  I, Idrees Khan from Peshawar, am going to share my short life’s story in order to motivate & incite you all. I did my matriculation from a govt school, lack of interest in studies led to poor grades, I was neglected by my family and surroundings, at time I was refused by many reputable […]

Haris Mehmood

It was the time of sports Olympiad 2k15 in BUITEMS university. I was representing my department (computer sciences) in basket ball match. On the first day after trial our senior player Shah Zaland came out with result that out of 5 we only had 2 players who could play basket ball well and guese what? […]

Hafsah Sufian

When I was first chosen as an ambassador for Riphah International University for the grand event  Markhor, honestly speaking, I had no idea what Markhor was. Days passed by and I grew more ignorant about it. CA’s head used to post what Markhor was and I understood that it was something related to youth and […]

Dost Muhammad Khan

The year 2013 changed my life a lot. It was the year that I visited The United States of America on a culture exchange program. The four months that I spent there enabled me to gain experiences that had a long lasting effect on me. I had never even lived in a dorm room  in […]

Aneesa Ayub

People think that education is expensive”. No, it’s not because I believe that negligence and being uneducated is far more harmful. My parents are my inspiration. My father wanted me to stand on my own feet which I am trying to do. One day i will make them proud Insha Allah. They are a blessing […]

Muhammad Ibrahim

  “Someone once asked me. Why do you think all these things happened to you? I was born in Iran, Tehran in an Elite class family. At the age of 13. I suffered so much turmoil that no one deserves in many life times. Gist of it is my parents got divorced, my 8 years […]

Nabeela Manzoor

It was a shiny day when I went to Mubarak village for a booster work shop. It was a wonderful trip as I observed nature so closely and it was indeed a morale booster. It was a workshop in which we had to team up with strangers and interact with them, this activity helped me […]

Neha Tariq

I lost my father when I was only seven years old. At that time I didn’t know what I have lost, but with the passage of time I came to realize that massive loss. My mother was the only person who stood by us in every difficulty. She was not highly educated but still she […]

Zarlasht Shaharyar

It was one of my friends birthday  and all the group members had forgotten it and when we came to uni so she was so much cross and angry on us that she was not even talking to us and was using harsh words like I have no value for you people and all, and […]

Shahzeb Bhatti

In my academic career, I took a U-turn into Business world. Definitely it was abrupt but it changed the way of my life. I am also always interested in attending different seminars, conferences and forums. Markhor’13 was one of the best conferences I attended. It made me accept the different perspectives and think flexibly. I […]

Rj Gowash Hateem

I have never wasted my energies in negativity. I can proudly say that my all friends and fellows believe that I can never stop taking risks and adventures in life. I have taken extra curricular activities as serious as curricular activities. I have been position holder from nursery to Masters level. Besides, I have participated […]

Samar Iqbal

Markhor, frankly speaking, was a wonderful event from each dimension. But the best thing about it was the “nature”, which appealed me the most during the whole journey.  Although I was accompanied by numerous nostalgic memories on my return from Markhor, but the communication skills-based activities always bring smile on my face. It was fantastic […]

Talal Khalid

“The cultural night of Markhor’13 still makes me feel nostalgic because everyone spoke his/her heart out. It was such a good thing to hear real life stories from the people who belonged to so many different backgrounds and areas of Pakistan. Undoubtedly it was the turning point of my life.“ Talal Khalid July 22nd, 2015Youth […]

Mohsin Ali

Markhor! The feeling of being close to nature makes me believe in myself and my identity. It always motivates me do best from my side. Markhor conference was best suited to my nature and it was one of best experiences of my life. Mohsin Ali July 22nd, 2015Youth Impact

Hira Farooq

That feeling could not be fabricated into words. It was a feeling of pure pleasure. Knowing that I got selected for Markhor make me feel out of this world out of honor. Such conferences would make youth understand themselves, get close to nature and feel blessed for granted a life   Hira Farooq July 13th, […]

Amr Alshami

Amr Alshami, our alumni of Markhor’ 14. “Well, I was the only foreigner Markhor with very low Urdu understanding; everyone was trying their best to speak in English for me. On the way back I was asked to sing a song. As a fan of Indian songs I sang one and everyone was shocked. My […]

Sidra Ijaz

The best thing about Markhor was nature and challenging yourself. A memory from markhor: the night I screamed in the tent because of a horrible dream I saw and my neighboring tents thought about a leopard until they heard a real story in the morning when half of the delegates were laughing about it! Sidra […]

Maria Chughtai

An alumni of markhor was asked a few questions. “What is the best thing about Markhor?(Nature, People, excitement, passion etc) ” “Umm.. best thing about Markhor….well it’s hard to pick one. :p Every little thing about Markhor was amazing, unique and the best of its kind but if I choose one thing out of all the things, […]

Huneez Ali

“Markhor was irreplaceable in its uniqueness for me. I can’t express my feelings in words, as someone who had never been to hike before, never saw such huge mountains; it was exceedingly splendid. The best thing that I have learned at Markhor was ‘Teamwork’ and how to lead your team, because we were given different […]

Tayyaba Zulfiqar Ali

I’m “De Cat Lady (title given to me by Faiq Sadiq)”. I love animals and have rescued many cats and dogs and treated and adopted them. I’m a cat whisperer – after a fashion. I can hear cats communicating with me. I want each and every person to respect and take care of any and […]

Shayan Ather

Photography is my life support; an incomparable feeling of capturing magic on film. My passion for it pushed me to take a huge risk: setting up my own photography company. I was a woman living in a (largely) conservative country, trying to break into an industry with barely any prominent women. I was only 18 […]

Maryam Asghar

#Jumpstart was my first interaction with youth impact.. and it was an awesome and outstanding experience. I learnt a lot in this day long workshop like teamwork, speaking out your fears loud and tackling them and it has been bewildering encounter. The most amazing thing happened was that I come to know about the beauty of […]

Nauman Noor

When I dive into myself I realize that failure and success are two facts of life and it’s you who make either of these facts to occur, best solution of a problem is to face it. Nauman Noor July 13th, 2015Youth Impact

Muhammad Nasr Iqbal

“I got to know that uncertainty is the certain truth, so you don’t need to be worried about it. Yeah this is what I learnt from JumpStart’15, an event organized by Youth Impact. I thought that we will dive deep inside the ocean but it wasn’t the case, in fact, to dive deep inside within […]

Sanila Noor

Jump start was the best event I have been to so far. It actually helped me to conquer my fears and to think differently…whole event was organized really well n I really liked the idea how sir was giving importance to punctuality…. I really like to thank you sir for organizing such event it actually […]

Usman Bin Khalid

Ever since I started listening to rock and metal I’ve felt like an outcast because of my musical taste. Only a few of my friends were into metal and ever since I started playing guitar I could never play in public because everyone wanted me to play the mainstream songs which I never liked or […]

Tanzeel Anjum

Youth Impact has been an extraordinary learning platform for me. Here you get to know what you are good at and what needs to be done better. You get to know your true potential and explore ways to polish your talent. My first real hands on experience with Youth Impact was at CSL’15 where we […]


I still remember the day when Youth Impact came to organize a leadership conference here at NUST called “Be your best.” NUST Adventure Club was hosting it and it was amazing. Sir Sarmad himself was the main host. It consisted of a group of activities, since I love participating I was always the first one […]

Suleman Tariq

Some time you are not satisfied with your past and you are worried about your future .but in my life I did not look back to my previous life I always look forward .but I did not worried about my future I always plan to enjoy my life .because life is too short if you […]

Sofia Younas

My Name is Sofia Younas and I’m working with markhor15 as a campus ambassador.. I love the people and organizations that I work with.. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience I like to think, I like […]

Sehrish Faiz

My school life was awesome enough I have been a brilliant as well as an active student. Than with time things changed, I begin to devalue myself and used to get depressed easily and often underestimate myself. Everything used to be messed up, I could not handle stuff but now I feel a difference, I […]

Sidra Maqbool

I have learned not giving up on my dreams and that success recipe is incomplete without key ingredients of hard work and determination. Sidra Maqbool July 22nd, 2015Youth Impact

Saif ud Din Haider

When I was a child, some of my friends wanted to be engineers, some wanted to be doctors, some wanted to be pilots, and I wanted to be everything so I became an actor. Saif ud Din Haider July 22nd, 2015Youth Impact


Inspirational Incident “When I saw my mom working very hard to meet our needs (As my father have died in 2005)” Funny incident   Views “Best way to get out of bad times is to remember good times and while good time don’t forget your bad time.” SAAD BIN YOUSAF July 22nd, 2015Youth Impact

Noman Farid

“Every class, professor and classmate has contributed to my rich education in the field of Science and IT. Not only have I learned valuable skills in the field, but I have strengthened my walk with community. I am a Champion of Team work. All in all, I recommend this program to people who would like […]


During my childhood I travelled a lot. One time we were vacationing in Murree during winter season. Obviously there was a lot of snow and most of the roads were had frozen over. We were going to our guestrooms from the mall road when my father took a wrong turn. We had the windows rolled […]


Life is weird. People are astonishing. Every man wears three masks; one for the world, one for the close ones and the third one, he never reveals. Trying to show what we are not, we forget who we are. Life and it’s mysteries. The most imperfect are the perfect. Being Normal is unique while everyone […]

Muhammad Usman Nofal

Funny incidents happen in lives of almost everybody but it really takes some guts to write them and explain them afterwards. There is a bundle of funny events that happened in my life but only a few I remember vividly. Also, I would like to share one of such priceless yet funny event. It is […]

Mashal Zahid

Hey! I am Mashal Zahid. I am doing chemical engineering From NUST. Different is good. So, don’t try to fit in. Don’t sit still. Don’t ever try to do less than you are, when somebody tells you that you’re different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. And as your villain, I would […]

Kaleem Khan

I used to be a pure nerd. In school I never stood even 2nd. I used to enjoy life my way, i.e by defeating others. I was very good at cricket and video games and I mostly used to win there too. But one day I scored 3/50 in a college test and  got 4 […]

Hymna Taimoor

Up till 2009, I thought that only success can make you feel delighted but one incident changed my view. It was my Table Tennis tournament at regional level which was very important for me as it marked my entrance to the tournament at national level. My team managed to qualify to the finals. But unfortunately, […]

Hashma Khalid

Not ever be influenced by your physical strength as it is not always promised, and most important of all “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”. It’s not that some people have willpower and some have not, it’s just that some people are ready to change and some are […]

Hanzala Khan

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us. Being inspired by forces, I always wanted to join armed forces. I got selected in Cadet College but couldn’t go due to family issues. […]

Haadia Bashir

We should always be thankful to Allah for everything we have in our lives because the life we live may be the dream of thousands of people out there we don’t know; and I think the best way to say thanks is to help them make their dreams come true. J Haadia Bashir July 22nd, […]

Asim Saeed

Being a Regional ambassador’s head I once posted a task in my group and then afterwards there is a commenting fight among three people. They were not just trying to suggest things but trying to impose their own ideas to each other. That was the only tough thing to handle ever since I am in […]

Ayesha Younas

My name is Ayesha Younas. According to my point of view our life goes so fast that sometimes we don’t notice how fleeting it is. For instance I didn’t notice how eighteen years of my life have passed. I feel like it was yesterday when I went to school for the first time. It’s unbelievable but it is […]


For me, participation matters way more than victory. I represented Mianwali domestically in hockey. From there on, I got many opportunities to play further but did not avail them because I play to learn and to have a good time. From where I come, people play for money and enjoy games by betting. Nobody would […]


No matter where I went, something always soothed my mind. It was the thought of getting home and that all would be taken care of, eventually. I never, for once, imagined living in hostel nor could I bear the thought of staying away from my family. Ultimately, it all came to this. It was a […]


I‘ve never been a very genius or intelligent student but no matter what path I choose, my family have always been very supportive. I’ve always been taught that I can achieve anything if I am truly ambitious about it, and if ever, I failed to achieve my goals, I know my family would always be […]


Sometimes you choose a path without knowing where to go. I did the same. The moment I realized that it was too late I decided to go on with it. Sometimes taking the wrong path leads you to the right destination. That’s what happened to me. I happened to be disaster in Mechanical Engineering career […]


I’d like to share the story about my grandfather who meant the most in this world to me. I was 5 at the time. We spent hours discussing my petti issues. As time passed, these conversations turned into chess battles.  We both were equally good. Then one day, at the mere age of 9, I […]

Abdul Basit

Markhor is one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt a lot in this event. Its cultural and regional diversity is what makes it unique. However, I am still looking for G77 conference as promised but no sign of conference at all.” Abdul Basit July 11th, 2015Youth Impact


“A happy human!! A student of computer Science. I do event management as a passion. My love for mountains and sunsets made me a traveler. In Allah almighty I put my trust and He is the Lord of the mighty throne.” This is how I usually introduce myself but here today I have to share […]