January 28, 2017 Youth Impact

Snow as a survival resource in snowy expeditions

Snow in itself is a wonderful natural phenomenon. And who doesn’t like walking to a cotton white carpet along with the facility to make snow balls to throw at friends and foe. Trust me because that is my top priority task when I go to snowy expeditions with friends and strangers.


The thrill of the chase

For people who love wilderness, snow fall always gives them thrills of chase. Seeing the same natural beauty painted white is just extraordinary for the eyes of a wilderness enthusiast. But no matter how charming the whole scenario seems; one fact stays the same: How to survive in snow for longer periods and still keep the enjoyment at zenith.



“Alternative to snow is snow”

Image source: Adventureout


Cold and Lethal Snow

Snow is cold, and sometimes lethal. If proper survival measures are not taken then you can almost freeze to death. But as I believe the top alternative to snow is snow itself. Science explains this in the best way possible.


Insulator at its best

Being a top of the list insulator in winter’s, snow will keep you away from the cold, dusty and high speed winds. Animals have finally become able to utilize snow for their survival. Hibernation is an old phenomenon but now snow can be used by humans too. With high percentage of air trapped inside, snow house and snow beds serve as a cosy abode for people on snowy expeditions.


The deeper the better

If you want to survive for longer hours than the deeper you go the better. Snow temperatures vary. The colder snow being on top and temperature varying the deeper you go. So digging deeper into snow is the best survival method. This reduces lower temperatures and their risks.


Want to quench thirst then use snow

Secondary school science teaches us that snow is just frozen water but with a lot of air trapped inside. So if incase we want to use snow as an alternative to water then a ratio of 10:1 is required to quench thirst.

Snow is just a natural phenomenon that turns out to be lethal when an enthusiast is careless. So enjoying but being careful towards the expedition will make it easy for you to survive the longest.


-Annosha Durrani

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