August 17, 2017 Youth Impact


A leader has to be more careful and committed than his team for a certain responsibility. He has to make sure that all members of team are on the same page. It is his job to provide extra motivation to potentially weak members of the team. It is his duty to eliminate the gap between the weak and strong members of his team. So many things to do, still he gains the trust of his team and proves to be a good leader. Ever wondered how he does it? The secret is hidden in his ability to do small things in a smart way. He knows the areas where he needs to put in his efforts. This makes his work efficient.

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A leader makes sure he is seen, heard and actively followed by his team/followers. A leader mostly faces tough situations and less time to cope with them. He consciously forms a team of best individuals to get work done. He chooses his people smartly and while interacting with his team understands who is better in which area, this make it easier for him to delegate the authority. With so many diversified people and differences of opinions between the team members, he still gets the best out of the team though smart strategies. He is able enough to get the positive out of the conflicting nature of his team members. This is what makes him a leader.