August 5, 2015 Youth Impact

Slackline: Improve your balance


Slacklining is a form of rope walking which differs from others by the fact that the rope that is tied between points is not tense neither is it tight. It is loose and has a certain degree of stretch and bounce like a trampoline. For the observer, slacklining is a breathtaking activity and for the liner it is pure accomplishment.

This activity has become popular recently due to its simplicity and versatility. More and more people are now slacklining and showing their expertise and all kinds of breathtaking tricks.

Slacklining correctly requires a lot a practice and man hours. They key is patience and only with patience can a person learn balance. Balancing on a thin strip of woven threads is quite challenging which is why people dare to do it. Slacklining above water can be fun and safe.


Another reason for the popularity of slacklining is the fact that a person can practice almost anywhere. All they need is rope and two points to suspend it. For beginners, the height is kept low until they learn to balance correctly and maintain it when the rope sways under their feet.

It is not uncommon for people to slackline hundreds of feet above ground level between cliffs or mountains. It do takes a lot of courage and determination to walk over the mouth of death. Although many people use some safety but not all people agree to that. The following is a still from the International Slackline Festival.


Nowadays people perform all kinds of tricks and jumps while slacklining. Expert slackliners can perform some breathtaking flips and twists while on a rope. The limits are pushed as far as their capabilities can take them. Known as tricklining, it is often done on low lines but can also be performed at higher levels.


Another type of slacklining involves people doing it in urban areas between city towers. It is often called urbanlining. People in cities enjoy being entertained in dangerous ways.



Written by: Arsal Rana