April 2, 2016 Youth Impact

Sharan Valley, The Hidden beauty of Kaaghan Valley



Kaghan valley has most popular summer holiday spots. If you love hiking, trekking or camping, then here is the perfect place for you, The Sharan Valley. This Valley is similar to heaven. Unlike other tourist attractions of Kaghan Valley, Sharan is situated on other side of River Kunhar and this is one of the reason people often miss this place to be in.

When you cross the River Kunhar through Paras, you will see the pink bare moun-tain with very few trees. The road will continue to rise to a small town “Bela”. All of the sudden the scene will change into the dense forest with huge pine trees on one side and gigantic mountain on other side of road with the hundreds of butterflying hovering in the air with with quiet hush all around



Gracious! Now, you are absolutely nowhere other than the magnificence and wil-derness of Sharan valley. The place is expanded on 2400 meters with thick pine forests, green glads and shimmering streams, is a wilderness still in flawless state because very few tourist ever visit the place.

Sharan is one of the most beautiful place right in the middle of Manshi forest locat-ed at a stature of 7,872 ft and you can’t avoid experiencing passionate feelings for this spot without a doubt. Campers seeking absolute isolation can better head here. The only population is that of a forest rest-house and a youth hostel.



It is a perfect place for trekking and exploring the nature. You will hear lots of birds chirruping but will rarely see them because they are hidden in trees and usually in more deeper forest making you fall more in love with nature . All you need to bring with you is gather the sack with food and camping equipment and you definitely are returning with the most beautiful sight and place you will leave your heart back.

Wonder why are we sharing so much information about Sharan?

The time to open up the surprise package, this year’s venue for Markhor is Sharan valley. The place is chosen for its wilderness filled site, that will awake the adventurer inside you. Stay tuned for more details.

Written by: Sundus Altaf

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Sharan, (Manchi Forest) Kaghan Valley