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Self-actualized trait


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The Picture Above: Highlights the stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

(Self-Actualization on the top)


Maslow’s states self-actualization the last of the human’s needs, in order to live a successful life. In order to reach Self-actualization Maslow says one has to full fil their other needs that he highlighted as physical, safety, relationship and esteem need. Well, this just according to the study of one phycologist known as Abraham Maslow.

So what is Self-Actualization? Have you ever just sat alone and thought about yourself without any distractions? Have you ever self-analyzed? Like just thought about your strengths, weaknesses and just tried to know yourself.  Well, self-actualization has two parts one is that the realization of your own potential and limits in their entirety. While the second is that gaining the drive to achieve and live to your full potentials. In order to realize one’s potential one has to have a clear and unbiased mind while also opting for a realistic thinking method in the process. Well once you truly know yourself that’s when you can truly utilize yourself to your full potential and even at times surpass your current potentials.

We can see some notable characteristics of people who are self-actualized. Even Maslow after many tests and observations has highlighted some characteristics that have been common in all the self- actualized people. These are 10 characteristics that Maslow defined:


  1. Efficient perceptions of reality: They have the ability to see reality in its truest sense. They are not afraid of ambiguity or mystery and are comfortable in it. They are the good judge of different situations.
  1. They accept themselves, together with all their flaws: They are comfortable in who they are and will always express it. They have the high level of self-acceptance and won’t put up a façade for others. In doing so they possess self-confidence. On the other hand not only do they accept themselves they also accept others for who they are. With all said and done they still realize the flaws that are changeable in their characters and personality they even regret in making that change. The regret leads to eventually making that change and improving their own character.
  1. They prioritize and enjoy the journey, not just the destination: Such people tend to not fret if they did not reach the destination they aimed for and believe that the journey is more important. They learn from their own experiences and won’t form opinions based on other people’s judgments.
  1. Spontaneous and natural: They stay true to themselves and in doing so they might not follow norms of the society and be unconventional. In doing so he/she will accept that fact that might not understand or even accept their actions and behaviors.
  1. They are motivated by Growth: Such people are  driven by self-growth rather than the fulfillment of needs.
  1. Self-actualized people are goal oriented: That is they have a purpose in life and work towards achieving it, it can be a personal goal or even a goal/purpose they believe is their obligation. They like to implement their problem-solving skills in real life and help others.
  1. They are independent people: They tend to be autonomous people. They have their own ideals and decide not to conform to other people’s idea of happiness. Due to this, they are able to live in the moment and enjoy the NOW. While due to this independence they also like solitude and privacy, they like time to themselves in the wilderness.
  1. They are not troubled by small problems/things: They tend to look at the bigger pictures rather than fretting about the small things. Their field of vision in life is much greater than an ordinary person.
  1. They are also very Realistic: They have the ability to views things logically and rationally. Some people say realistic people are usually negative and they tend to focus on “why we can’t do this?” unlike an idealist who say “how can we do this?” Well, this is just a stereotype. One can be a realistic idealist in order to succeed in life and even be able to change the world.
  1. Despite all this, self-actualized people are not perfect: They do not suffer from the delusion that they are perfect human beings. They constantly self-evaluate and try to be the best of themselves. In realizing this fact this brings the traits of humility and gratefulness in a person.


So do you still believe you are self-actualized? If not where do you lack? In the end, we have to believe that if everyone tries they can be self-actualized and be the best of themselves, they just have to accept that fact that they are who they are. I believe that nowadays we have too many distractions and that is why we tend not to give ourselves enough time. We also have come to believe that we are not the leaders of our life and destiny, those who do believe this tend not to act on it. IF WE KNOW OURSELVES WE CAN BE THE BEST OF OURSELVES AND LIVE TO OUR FULL POTENTIALS.


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You can be happy by yourself too if you are truly self-actualized.


 -Hamza Khalid Kyani