August 4, 2015 Youth Impact

Rock climbing: discover the undiscovered


Rock Climbing is an activity in which the participants compete to ascend or go through rock formations and surfaces. This sport is quite popular among individuals who try to test their abilities as it requires great muscular strength throughout the body.

Rock Climbing is difficult, dangerous yet utterly fulfilling. It gives the person the skills to overcome obstacles and achieve anything. With the proper knowledge of climbing techniques and functional gear, rock climbing can be a great activity and a spectacular hobby.


Rock Climbing can be a fun way to push a person to the limits of their physical and mental abilities. It can also be a great way to experience some of the most stunning landforms and sceneries nature has to offer.

Rock climbing was a necessity long before it became a recreation. Evidence has been found depicting exploration of mountainous through rock climbing. Similar techniques were used for climbing castles too.

Free Climbing


Rock Climbing can be done with or without the support of another person. Free climbing is the most common where the climber’s physical strength is at work. Ropes and other gear may be used for safety but they are not used to climb further an ascent.

Aid climbing


As compared to free climbing, aid climbing is a style in which gears are used to help the climb and make upward progress. The technique of aid climbing is sophisticated yet it does not require immense physical stress.

Indoor Climbing


Rock Climbing can be carried out outdoors as well as indoors. Indoor Rock Climbing has become a popular sport in which artificial structures are made to simulate outdoor rocks. Apart from being safe, it is popular spot for beginners to test their skill and technique before heading to the nature.

There are countless climbing locations spread throughout the northern areas of Pakistan, most of the areas being unexplored. The Trango (Nameless) Towers are one of the most beautiful climbing sites on earth, and expert climbers from around the world visit this place. They comprise the largest cliffs and most difficult rock climbing locations in the world.


People from all over Pakistan are taking a keen interest in this sport and appropriate events are arranged to spread awareness.


Written by: Arsal Rana