August 4, 2015 Youth Impact

Rappelling: overcome the Acrophobia


An effective technique that climbers use to descend a steep cliff or mountain once they have climbed it. Rappelling requires a lot of climbing skills such as making knots and rappel anchors, using the rappel device and the back-up system. It is quite dangerous and is prone to accident if not carried out properly.

Rappelling is a good skill that is incorporated into a wide range of practical applications. This includes rescue operations into inaccessible areas and this technique is effectively used by military personnel to enter into areas that are well hidden and further up from ground level.


A person can rappel almost any high rise be it mountain, building or a waterfall. Apart from being an adventure sport in the hilly areas, rappelling can be a competitive activity. Rappelling is an extremely useful technique that may come in hand in many situations and may act as an escape mechanism in times of need.



Rappelling is wholly the effective use of rope mechanisms. The main pieces of equipment used are rope, carabiners and harnesses. A carabiner is a metallic loop which is used to put together different pieces of rope. They are most essential for a descent because it functions as a locking mechanism when coupled with other carabiners. It allows for a gradual and controlled descent.


The harness is a gear that the climber wears over the waist for secure descents. They must be comfortable enough for the climber to easily move.

Finally, the descender is the part that acts as a brake for the descent. For a gradual and steady descend. Owing to the complexity of its use, they are usually not employed but are extremely useful later on.



Written by: Arsal Rana