January 20, 2017 Youth Impact

Potential and success don’t usually go hand in hand

Statistically speaking, two human beings will always have something in common. It can be a fondness for a specific sport, an aversion from a certain food or even an allergy. Likewise, no two humans can be the exact same. There will always be an attribute setting them apart.


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These likenesses and differences obviously come from the way we are wired. Our genetics while playing a huge role are coupled with our upbringing, our lifestyles, our socio-economic statuses to make us into the people we are.

You can see this stark contrast even in siblings who have the most number of factors in common. One could turn out to be spectacular at mathematics, while the other could be the next Picasso. One might be inspired by the words of Shakespeare while the other may rock out to Eminem.

Even with such distinctions in who we are, each one of us has qualities and skills that could be used to make something of ourselves. And it is up to us to find them, cultivate them, and have them be our tickets to prosperity. But having these qualities doesn’t necessarily ensure success. A lot of other factors such as hard work, ambition and luck come into play here. Nerves are an immense issue for some. ¬†And only once we have mastered to control them and ourselves can we progress.

Haven’t we all heard of exceptional actors never making it in real life? Of students who were brilliant but could never perform well in standardised tests? Don’t we see people seemingly content with their lives but considering their skill set could evidently do a staggering lot, if they set their minds to it? I know we all have.

So, don’t be the person holding yourself back. Don’t be a roadblock on your own path to greatness. Don’t be content. Always keep striving for more. Is that not what life is about anyway? To not stagnate and keep moving forward? To make luck work for you? It truly is.

Just knowing that you are meant for great things is not enough. Trying hard to achieve them is what will take you there. Only those who try ever do succeed. So, don’t waste yourself or the blessings God has bestowed on you. Make use of your talents. And don’t be afraid of failure. Failing is just another chance to do something better.

Transcend beyond the limitations the world has put on you. You are here for a reason. Find it!


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Mahrukh Javed Khan