Why Snow Leopard?

Snow leopard is known for its skills and adjustment for living in greatly frosty mountain situations.
It spends the greater part of its life on high heights extending up to 18,000 feet where most humans can’t inhale easily.

This lovely and agile animal carries on with an outstanding life while being alarm, tricky and searching for its prey constantly.


Yes, we the youth of Pakistan, tested with uncertainty and compelling rivalry need to be geared up for all what life has to offer us.

Who would like to act naturally persuaded, turbo-charged, highly adaptable, brave and smart like a Snow Leopard?

In the wake of Bringing you Markhor, Pakistan’s only Wilderness based Youth Conference, now Youth Impact brings you “Chasing Snow Leopard” – the snow based youth leadership conference.


* An administration preparing project
* A chance to test and find your leadership gift
* An expedition where you won’t succeed unless function as a group
* A venture where you master your emotions
* A journey where you leave your comfort zone in high altitude conditions
* An experience to find the snow leopard inside
* An interest to learn and settle on choices when difficulties arise

“Chasing Snow Leopard” is a unique platform where you’ll have the capacity to draw out the Leopard inside you”

The project offers Life-time initiative learning – and obviously, having frigid fun in the most cool ways!

Further details will be announced soon, keep on hunting!