April 18, 2015 Youth Impact

People who change the society

 It is not necessarily true that only a person born in a rich and a powerful family can create an impact in the society. Most of the times these are the middle class people who bring revolutionary changes. Looking back into history tells us that people who change the society do not always follow exactly the same path. They might belong to completely different backgrounds and might go through very different scenarios in their lives. But there are some traits which are common among most of the revolutionists. They realize there true potentials and apply them in a different way as a normal person would do. They always think big and have the courage to follow their dreams. We can categorize them in three major categories:


An artist conveys his ideas through art. These ideas can either be presented through writing or through artistic works like music, painting, dance, sculpture, photography etc .True art only comes from the inside. Mostly, artists are emotionally driven and see the world in a very unique way.

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”

It is wisely said that “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” So behind every big change there is always a person who dreams about it.

Great Leaders:

These are the people who stand up and speak for the problems in a society and strive to solve them. These people mobilize the society and create awareness: social leaders, religious leaders, politicians, philosophers who transform the thinking of people. They address the key issues which affect people’s lives and provoke free thinking. A leader always follows a radical approach in his matters of life. It is important for a leader to remain consistent and to keep trying his best no matter how hard the time might be.


They have intelligent minds and use their skills to create some difference in the world. People like scientists, mathematicians who are born with God-gifted talents and utilize it for the betterment of the people. They induce innovations and ideas in the community and sometimes manage do things that no one even imagines of. They are very ambitious and goal-oriented and do things which make the lives of the other people better. 

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