August 5, 2015 Youth Impact

Paintball: Fun with the colors


Paintball is a sport in which players compete, individually or in teams, to eliminate the opposition by hitting them with capsules containing water-soluble dye and an outer shell. A paintball gun is loaded with these capsules that is specifically designed for the purpose. They players compete inside a field that may contain natural or artificial obstacles. Team fights are strategised and only a limited number of capsules are allowed per player in most games.

The game types usually include capture the flag, elimination or attacking or defending a particular region. As the capsules are somewhat hard, the players are obliged to wear protective gear that include helmets, chest gear and masks.


Paintball is an extremely thrilling and enjoyable sport especially when played with friends. It also helps in developing skills while using actual equipment. It also enables to think effectively, make appropriate strategies and devise methods to take out the opposing players. The paintball shots feel realistic when fired and when hit.

Paintball is a character-building sport. It teaches teamwork, players develop leadership qualities and learn to manage stress. It is an exciting sport and when the adrenaline starts to kick, it becomes way more fun.

The Paintball Marker

This mighty piece of equipment is great to use. Feels good when you hit someone by firing it.


Each gun has some basic parts: A container or a feeder to store the bullets, a trigger and a barrel, and a pressurized gas chamber for speed and range of shot.  The guns can come in varying sizes and mechanisms and its use may also vary from person to person. Paintball Markers may be semi-automatic to hit the opponent continuously or they may be pump-action to register a single deadly blow.

The game can be made to look even realistic and skillful by adding a whole lot of other equipment. These may include grenade launchers, mines or even paintball rocket launches!


Paintball is often used by corporations to instill leadership and stress management qualities in their workers. The game acts as an opportunity for people to show off their skills and capabilities. Other than that military personnel also through this game, train the officers for combat!


Written by: Arsal Rana