• Learn

    • …with fun
    • …by doing
    • …your own way

    We at Youth Impact not just transfer the knowledge; we create experiences in a fun way. Participants enjoy and learn by doing themselves. Our experiential models create long lasting impact. Variety of learning tools enable them pick and learn the way that suits them most.


    • …self
    • …others
    • …nature

    Our wilderness based class room disconnects the learner with hi-tech world to re-connect them with self, peers and the mother nature. In a facilitated environment, actions are reflected, blind spots are identified and participants get chance to explore their inner self.


    Leadership is about situationally appropriate action that directs or guides people to set and achieve goals. Great leaders create an environment that inspires individuals and groups to achieve their full potential. NOLS Leadership Model comprises of 4-Leadership roles, 7-Leadership Skills and 1-Signature Style. Youth Impact capitalizes upon the power of this model that has been transforming the lives of youth since 1960s.

  • Facilitated Reviews

    Our strength lies in the power reflections and facilitated reviews. Reviewing is learning from experience – or enabling others to do so. Reviewing helps you get more from work, life and recreation – especially if you have the reviewing skills to match your ambitions. (Reference)

    Community Leadership Projects

    Leadership is at the core of whatever we do at Youth Impact. Learning becomes lasting when applied in a real time situation. Young learners at Youth Impact practice and test the learnt skills while solving social and communal problems under the guidance and supervision of their mentors.

    Experiential Learning

    Learning by doing – is what makes us stand out from the rest. The art of learning through first-hand, primary experience, as opposed to second hand ‘conventional learning’ enable us create impactful experiences for the young participants. Experiential Learning at Youth Impact has no borders, nor time constraints and our this approach helps individuals add value to their own learning.

    Outdoor Education

    Driven by a team of internationally qualified and experienced outdoor educators, Youth Impact specializes in leadership development through outdoor education. We are amongst the pioneers who have introduced this most dynamic learning and personal development approach in Pakistan.

    Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring is a post-training process at Youth Impact where our passionate mentors from various fields of life enable the young learner discover their true potential.

    Parents and Teachers Participation

    Parent and teachers are key stakeholders in youth development. Youth Impact has a range of programs not just for the engagement of both segments but we also offer specific learning and development programs for parents and teachers.