August 3, 2016 Youth Impact

Nine tips to handle homesickness

As the car backed off and the smoke faded away, my eyes welled up. I dragged my luggage to my dormitory where I saw three new faces, two nervous, like me, and one sleeping. I stood my trolley beside the bunk bed and exited that room without saying a word to anyone. As soon as I left the room tears started to stain my cheeks. I had heard about homesickness but now I really got to know that it hits you like a truck and leaves you sobbing like baby.

*inserts a pouting sad face*


Yup! you got that right that was my horrendous, first day at the university hostel. I know many of you can well relate to the feeling of homesickness. No matter how strong you are, this monstrous feeling will find you and it will definitely get to you! Heck! It gets to the best of us! But then we can’t pack our bags and run off to mommy. Matters of life must be dealt with. So here are a few tips to deal with homesickness



Focus on the purpose

Whether you are out for traveling or work or whether you are out to study, homesickness can get to you. So remember the purpose of being there. This will aid adaptation process and give you the drive to work through any difficult feelings you may be having.



Skype it up!

When you have hundreds of miles between you and your loved ones and you miss your dear ones to death then that’s the time technology comes to rescue your life. Video conferencing mediums like skype are a perfect way to kiss your loneliness goodbye. Skype with your friends and family, trust me it helps.



Talk it out

You know if you only stop being so reserved and emotionless for once and talk to a friend about all the emotions build up in you, this could actually help you counter the feeling of alienation and isolation.



Look forward to holidays

Look forward to holidays, those are the times you can actually hope for a family reunion. This will help you from feeling blue all the time. You can even take this point as a reward for your all years’ hard work and push yourself to do your best.


Engage yourself in activities

Go ahead and engage yourself in activities. Talk to people and socialize, that way you can divert your mind from all the feelings of aloofness. My humble suggestion would by sports.




Proactive socializing

This one goes best for all those university sophomores. Consider your time at university the best time to socialize and meet new friends. You can do this by joining clubs, societies and student centers. Socialize proactively as you may not find another time in your life to do so! Socializing can also be educational. It can teach you how to interact with individuals and to what extent you should socialize with them.



Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy always! Do not sit idle! You know what they say an empty mind is devils workshop, well sitting idle can not only give you devious ideas but also can make you feel blue.



Keep something to remind you of home

Have something that reminds you of home or makes you feel at home. Maybe keep your mom’s sweater or a shirt with you. Sleep in it at times and it will help you get rid of all the feelings of isolation. Or keep a picture of your family with you. It helps. It really does!



Ask for professional help

In my opinion this is a little farfetched and only a very few times situation can actually get this much out of hands that you may need professional help. And this one is basically for international students.  When talking to your friends or your family isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your higher education provider. They know the pressures that international students face and will be able to direct you to a range of international student support services such as counselling, recreational activities, social clubs and mentoring programs.



Cry it out

Well this one really doesn’t count but you know when nothing is working out go ahead and cry yourself out.


I hope these tips help you out.

Peace out!

Yours sincerely

Ayesha Hameed