October 21, 2015 Youth Impact

My Markhor Experience (Part 1) – Through eyes of an OC Member! (No Spoilers)


“Markhor! For the past 3 years I was always curious that what actually this Markhor conference was? This year my curiosity got to me and my fate finally allowed me to attend this first wilderness based leadership conference called Markhor. Me being an Alumni of Chasing Snow Leopard, one of the other Youth Impact’s programs, got the chance to be in the organizing committee or as you might say OC of HBL Markhor’15, I was heading the registrations team for Markhor’15 so I had the in depth insight of what this marvelous project was and what was the broader scope and the purpose behind it. I won’t be explaining what my job description was or what was the purpose of this massive movement? beacuse that would be so boring that Alina (Our publications’ Head) might kill me! So on to the good part!

Our journey started at Ibex Club Islamabad where I first met my tribe mates, introductions and other formalities where done, first impressions where made for the better or worst that would be revealed in the next four days to come. That’s not all I was also looking forward to meet a few people specially some of the OC members who have been in touch with me for the past 3, 4 months via emails and phone calls. We started our travelling in a coaster with members of another tribe. At first there were some reservations people didn’t know how to get off with the things so we all agreed to do the introductions again with adding something interesting about ourselves. That was a really good ice breaking session and everybody started feeling at ease and then things started getting interesting, the nonstop singing and poetry and what not, till the time we reached Mushkpuri Hotel everybody was exhausted. After reaching there we had our lunch; last of the civilized lunch that we had in the following two days.

As I have mentioned time and again I was an OC members; I know this is really awkward mentioning it again and again but bear it with me, so I had heard some spoilers here and there but still after all that I was always surprised at all the new challenges they threw at us and by “they” I mean Training and Development Team’s people :’) I won’t be revealing any of the tasks or activates we had to endure because I don’t want to spoil the fun and the excitement of the next year’s new Markhors. You have to live it to believe it.

What I would like to say about my experience? One word “Amazing”, everything there amazed me rather it be the awesome people from all over Pakistan, various cultures, speaking dozen of languages all together at one place, sharing their lives their experiences their stories, Youth of Pakistan for Pakistan. Or the amazing speakers from various fields of life and profession altogether at the top of one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan sharing their experiences, stories and expertise, words can’t do justice to this epic phenomenon. Last but not the least the amazing people of your tribe, this tribe is your family for the four days you spend at Markhor. You eat together you sleep together, you cry together, you laugh together, you scream you slogan at the top of your voice together, going through tough situations together like a team brings you all together like you could have never imagined. I have made friends, brothers, sisters and mentors for life in this little time. These four days have been some of the best days of my life, these memories have been tattooed on my mind and I will keep on cherishing these awesome moments for ever. Thank you Youth Impact, Mahrukh and Sir Samad for this opportunity, I’m really grateful to all of you.”

Tanzeel Anjum

Aka Taz (CSL name)

Aka Tanzeela Baji (Tribe name)

Delegate Markhor’15