May 8, 2017 Youth Impact

My ImpACT has Impacted Pakistan

There’s more to the word Impact than meets the eye: Break it down and you get ‘Imp Act’ where I think lies the whole idea behind this word: One tiny impact, could lead to YOUR important Act! An act that just doesn’t affect you, but others around you. It’s contagious and that’s the best part. Fast forward, (more like fast rewind), I still remember, it was 2008, our family shifted to Mardan Cantt. (my dad was in the military and we had to move with him) I was around 7.

A little 7-year-old girl who believed in fairy tales, thought unicorns really did run over rainbows with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow owned by a leprechaun. Everything was perfect…or at least I thought so (or was it just me being selfish?) I loved bakeries and the smell of freshly baked goods. Mardan was a small town so they had few bakeries. But one of them was my absolute preference, always. I visited it more than 2 times a week. Loved it.

Everyone knew me there. They even knew my usuals! One unfortunate day, I went there again, happily as always, got what I wanted. I always had this constant urge to meet everyone working at the bakery before I left, and I did so. I left. Within a minute with me looking at the rear-view mirror of my car, all I see is a cloud of smoke and fire. And I hear screaming.

The bakery exploded.

I remember having tragic sleepless nights, unstable mental health. The incident was an end to many beautiful lives, but was the core beginning to my impact.

We moved to the US for a couple of years, I came back to Pakistan being around 9 back then, I envied the fact how the media portrayed the United States as a ‘peaceful’ country, and Pakistan as a horrific one. The red flashing lights, the breaking news, all seemed so familiar to me. Pakistan experienced a flood during that time, and it was at that point it hit me, seeing people die due to being deprived of basic necessities.

How could I ever be so selfish to let kids my age just starve to death? They’re our future. I’m Pakistan’s future and I had to help. I wrote a book at the age of 9, collected a huge amount of money, and donated it to the food victims. All this was done within a month. Writing, publishing, selling, marketing, everything. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? That’s what they tell me.

That was just the beginning to my road to help Pakistan. I carried forward my little charity works and campaigns. In 2015, I established my own NGO, and ever since I’ve been trying to be content at heart to help everyone to the fullest. I’m working on one of the biggest possible projects that I could currently be aiming for. I partnered up and came up with this idea in a wilderness-based leadership conference (You guessed it) Markhor.

I can that like Markhor taught me my purpose in life, and it just groomed me to be better, not just for myself but for my surroundings. It keeps me motivated. And I think I’ve reached this point with the right amount of dedication that Markhor has injected in me. I’ll be able to pull off the impossible In Sha Allah. And I’m so grateful to Allah that Youth Impact found me, and invited me to Markhor and actually acknowledged what I was doing, it just makes me want to continue with my works for Pakistan with even more excitement. I’m sure I’m not going to stop serving my country, I’ll stick to it, and I’ll fulfill the purpose of my impact, until it impacts Pakistan.

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