August 3, 2016 Youth Impact

Must Try Dishes Of Pakistan

Hello Earthlings!

Ramadan is over and I hope you would have preserved its blessings. Ramadan reminds me of fasting and fasting reminds me of food. And not just any food I tell you, but the yummy, spicy, rich desi food of the Pakistani cuisine. Oh man they make my mouth water.


*read at your own risk!!The writer of this article apologizes the supreme power in advance for ruining the diet of anybody who reads this*




Halwa Puri and Lassi

Okay! Okay! I am sorry but I had to add it in. And by any chance if you do not know what halwa puri and lassi is, then my friend you sure reside under a rock, because this stuff tastes like heavens *sighs* Basically puri happens to be a puffed up bread made up of flour and halwa is a sweet dish usually made up of semolina while lassi is quite a viscous drink made up of milk, oh so soothing yoghurt and sugar. Usually this is served with a chickpeas, pickles and salad. Oh and hear me out loud and clear this stuff WILL make you fall asleep, especially lassi.




And if I were you and had to eat halwa puri no matter what then, I will recommend you to go to one place and only one place, THE ANARKALI!  People of anarkali are in halwa puri selling business for decades. You can never go wrong with halwa puri of anarkali!



If you have ever been to Multan’s ghainta ghar you will know what an amazing experience it is to eat those champain while sipping that bantay wali bottle at roadside with the tumult of the food stalls and the passersby. Champain are basically lamb chops that have been marinated with species, flattened with hammer, fried, grilled and then served with salad, special chutney and roti. Oh man! I am drooling already!





The name of sag and makki ki roti tingle my taste buds! Saag happens to be a dish made up of all leafy green veggies like mustard and spinach while makki ki roti is flat soft bread made up of gram flour. It’s basically a summer dish which is served with dollops of butter and salted lassi to go along.




Biryani happens to be the mother of all the rice dishes in this world .Yup you heard that right folks! In my opinion it stands out as emperor of the rice empire! It’s a spicy dish that is basically made by layering rice over slow cooked meat stew. Then these layers are mixed and voila! Biryani is all set to be eaten. It’s served with raita and salad.



Oh and if you desire to eat the best biryani in town, take advice from a professional biryani tester BIRYANI NA YAHN KI ACHI NA WAHN KI ACHI BIRYANI SIRF AMMI KI ACHI HOTI HAI! Trust me on this one folks, its true! Aaaand following is the consequence of what happens when you get AMMI K hath ki BIRYANI!




If biryani is the emperor then this baby sure is the wazir! Pulao is rice dish cooked in chicken stalk or mutton stalk. It’s also served with raita and salad




Yup!Yup!You guessed it right it’s the sweet dish that makes everyone go gaga at the wedding dinners. This beauty is stuff of heavens I tell you, HEAVENS! I remember my grandma making it for us when we were kids. It’s a slow cooked sweet dish made up of carrots and milk garnished with nuts





I hope this much is enough to make you feel hungry!

Happy munching