November 2, 2015 Youth Impact

Markhor’15, sponsored by Toyota Indus Motors

Markhor, a life changing experience for every individual who was a part of it. Markhor is not something you learn by attending sessions, seminars or table talks. First day of Markhor, you are a complete stranger for everyone, the last day, you have tears in your eyes, saying good bye to the people who are now your best friends. This is Markhor teaching you lessons for life, giving you something, that you’ll happily spread into your community.

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Toyota Indus Motors was an official sponsor of Youth Impact for Markhor’15. The Indus Motors company (IMC) started as a joint venture between two corporate companies from Pakistan and Japan in 1989. Toyota manufactures commercially, vehicles in Pakistan with a wide range of models and designs for every car. The vehicles include SUVs and sedans that make up a high percentage of the country’s traffic.

The production facilities located near Karachi employ state of the art technologies for the production of Toyota as well Daihatsu vehicles, the only site in the world. Toyota guarantees the highest level of productivity by putting into action the world-renowned Toyota production systems which is based upon the principles of quality control and safety.

The products of the company are rated highly reliable by its consumers for domestic use and each year newer models ensure that the latest technologies and machineries. Better designs and capabilities have also made Toyota Corolla the largest selling automotive brand in Pakistan.

Toyota also has maintained its respectable status by providing after sales services to customers and upheld healthy relations with the consumers which also part of the company’s mission statement.

Being one of the biggest corporate companies in the country, Toyota has allowed itself to prove beneficial for the country’s economy whilst providing occasional sponsorships and task force where needed. It has also provided services in fields that require “Concern beyond Cars”. Welfare projects in education, healthcare and charity has made the company a well reputed organisation.


Youth Impact is thankful to Toyota Indus Motors on behalf of Markhor and its delegates. We wish you a really prosperous future ahead and we really hope to see you again in our upcoming events.

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Written by: Arsal Rana