Markhor – The Idea

    Markhor is a distinctive social leadership development experiment – initiated at the footsteps of Himalayas in 2013. 349 young social leaders have been ‘Markhored’ in last four years. The most common word used by the delegates to describe Markhor is ‘Life Changing’…


    Combining WILDERNESS with SOCIAL LEADERSHIP is our mantra…


    The magic lies in simple yet overpowering tools and methods including:


    1. Wilderness environment
    2. Camping and surviving on higher as 10,000 ft above sea level
    3. Experiential projects followed by keynote sessions by sector leaders
    4. Diversity in gender, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic back ground, geography…
    5. Passion of warm hearts and cool minds willing to change and bring change


    Markhor is NOT:

    1. An adventure trip
    2. A hotel bounded conference
    3. A death by Power Point conference

    Life’s First Ever:

    Markhor delegates say that Markhor has provided them following amazing ‘first ever’ experiences in their life:

    1. Learning leadership in wilderness setting
    2. Camping
    3. Trekking
    4. 4 consecutive days without cell phone
    5. walking in clouds
    6. Cooking
    7. Outdoor class room
    8. No shower for 4 days
    9. Outdoor toilet
    10. Playing guns and roses
    11. Sleeping at 10,000 ft above sea level
    12. Met most diverse group of people
    13. Learning around bonfire
    14. Stargazing
    15. Didn’t litter
    16. Solo time
    17. Most selfies


    Markhor is not just an annual conference; it is the journey of inspiring young souls with a social leadership spirit. With the successful IMPACT of the recent 4 years Markhor conferences, a brand new version with GLOBAL outlook of Markhor is on your way.

    The journey to develop conscientious social leaders with a globalized mindset continues. Markhor’17 goes international, by entertaining youth from across the region and presenting world class global speakers amidst high rise Himalayas.

    This year Markhor brings “Lights, Camera, Impact!” that pays tribute to Youth Impact’s action-oriented philosophy i.e. we are developing passionate “doers” from the world at a picturesque wilderness setting and gearing them up with the social leadership tools to succeed in whatever they pursue. The three-pronged learning objectives of the conference are a testament to this approach:

    Lights: Enlightening one’s inner self

    Camera: Seeing the world with a lens of social leader

    Impact: Gearing up with repository of skills to go out and create a tangible impact in the world

    And ultimately combining them all to take home a ‘Markhor Spirit’.

    LIGHTS:       enlighthen yourself

    Becoming Self Aware

    Creating Self Development Plan

    Attempting Self Actualization

    CAMERA:       your lese for the world

    Developing ability to observe differences

    Understanding commonalities

    Embracing Dissent

    Promoting Coexistence

    IMPACT:       gear up to act

    Leading with Stories

    Mastering Digital Campaigns

    Designing for Impact

    Training Essentials for Social Leaders

    Reasoning logically for improved decision making

    Connecting with Global Development Agendas

    Sharpening the saw

    MARKHOR SPIRIT:   be a markhor

    Developing self belief

    Building resilience

    Channelizing Survival Instinct

    Fostering Resourcefulness

    Cultivating Adaptability



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    Social Media Marketing







    Web and IT





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