April 25, 2015 Youth Impact

Markhor – the national animal

Trees and bushes scantly dot the mountain side. Patches of immaculate snow cover the ground. Rough terrain overwhelms the scene and a portion of the most noteworthy peaks on the planet are on display. The view is stunning. Such is the home of the markhor: the Himalayas. It is a truly majestic beast. Its progenitors have wandered this area since time immemorial.

Unbeknownst to itself, it is the national animal of Pakistan. Why did the individuals pick it as their national symbol? Maybe the answer lies somewhere in its will to survive.

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Markhor.jpg

It has been a couple of months since the little markhor entered this world. The world that the markhor has come into is loaded with peril. The mountains make for an intense domain to survive. Sustenance is rare and discovered basically in difficult-to-achieve places. Conditions are brutal, and danger is never far away with risky predators lurking around.

A snow leopard is lurking here and there. It has gone hungry for quite a while and needs to eat soon. It sees the child markhor that has strayed far from its mom whilst searching for sustenance. Showing its impeccable chasing abilities the snow leopard approaches its prey. It moves gradually, wary so as not to make any sound and positions itself on a stone over its clueless prey. And then it pounces.

Survival instinct, the endowment of nature to every single living being, does what it is intended to do. A split second, the time it takes for the leopard to hop and get to the markhor, is sufficient for the markhor to respond. The markhor makes a dash on the precarious slants of the Himalayas. It wanders aimlessly, bluffs and hops, making utilization of its deftness and the terrain to maintain a strategic distance from its seeker. All of a sudden it reaches an edge. With no place to run, it looks down and sees the raging stream underneath. Out of sheer impulse, it hops.

Source: http://ilm.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Markhor.jpg

The momentum is solid and the water is cold and chilly. Having lost hope, the markhor resigns to its approaching fate. All of a sudden something inside of the markhor jolts its limbs vigorously. The will to survive takes on the hero’s role once more. Utilizing everything in it coupled with its will to survive, it begins kicking in the water. The kicks advance into effective strokes and the markhor survives the peril eventually finding the way back. After some time it ages, getting to be stronger and proud. Its unyielding nature and strengths motivates those who witness its true majestic presence. It draws admiration from the individuals who see it— a warrior.

Maybe this is the reason the markhor is the most suitable decision for being an image of Pakistan and its people. History has been defaced by difficulties and challenges. Extreme conditions and deficient assets; scorn and fanaticism, are their greatest predators. However, in the midst of the considerable number of difficulties and challenges, the will to live in a manner that is their own shows itself over and over. They have battled and experienced numerous hardships.

Anyhow, this is the ideal opportunity for individuals to take motivation from the magnificent markhor, to understand that it is inside of them that they ought to search for salvation. It is just through struggles and faith in their own potential that they can guarantee a more secure future. For this they have to fight. What’s more, vanquish all the rest to secure triumph.


By: Faran Shahid

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