July 12, 2015 Youth Impact

Markhor: Creating future leaders of Pakistan


Young people need inspiration to motivate them. It can come in any form. But the most effective way to arouse a group of people is to teach them in an environment of peace and calm. Markhor attempts to arrange for the youth, the perfect conditions to impart in them the virtues essential to make them the leaders of the time to come.

Inspiration comes through example, leadership is acquired by effort. It is often said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The basis of this statement is the fact that young people have a lot of time to spend and they are full of energy. The best way to channelize the time and energy of the youth into a positive outcome is to engage them in meaningful activities under the guidance and supervision of competent and qualified persons. Markhor struggles to provide this kind of tutoring, such a kind which is otherwise not delivered in educational institutes.


Every year, skilled professionals from around the globe attend the Markhor conference and address the students that come for the conference. Taking place on a camping site far above the ground, the delegates are coached under the supervision of Mother Nature itself. This one of a kind conference consists of lectures about leadership, management and control.


Ultimate peace is found in the nature. Accepting the wilderness to be the mentor, a lot is learned. Every small detail in the surrounding implants a certain idea, a definite aim in the minds of the youth. People are required to stay in this world, with peace and harmony with the nature, and the wildlife. This is an important lesson which is the key to success in life.


Not only are enlightening lectures arranged, activities involving team participations and individual exercises are also organized. Such activities develop confidence in the youth. The competitive environment surrounding each individual is promising to provoke fire, the kind of fire that we need in our lives, in our society. The kind of fire that drives establishments and governments. The kind of positive energy that is vital to bring up the future leaders of Pakistan.

This experience is not limited to the people and students who are bold and do very well in life, but it is an opportunity for those who seem to be somewhat shy and not so confident. The reward of this excellent arrangement can surely be seen in the individuals’ life and even a single life can be able to change the mindsets of a society of people who need to follow, who need a leader.

“It was a testament to the goodness of the people around me that an introvert like me felt so much at ease. Spending days with these wonderful people was definitely what made Markhor an experience of a lifetime for me.”

– A Markhor participant


A lesson of harmony, discipline, diversity, leadership. An experience worth every moment – Markhor.



Written by: Arsal Rana