October 22, 2015 Youth Impact

“Markhor! A word which shall stay with me till eternity!”

12141769_1149918588356209_173108508026400933_nMarkhor! A word which I only knew because of the head of that animal hanging at a wall in my house.

Markhor! A word which changed my life!

Perplexed and melancholic were the words I used to define myself before 1st October 2015. Life was giving me lemons from all aspects possible and I wasn’t sure what good to make out of it. Losing all hopes I sat in my room until a light blinked on my laptop’s screen.

It started from a simple Facebook event invite and led me to the journey of a lifetime!

I, being a typical Pakistani, had doubts about the tribe/crowd I was about to join. To be honest it seemed scary to mix with people from other cultures yet alone of other gender. But the moment I met those people, they became “my people”.

Oh that cultural night (haha), one of the best nights of my life! Different ethnic groups celebrating their cultures made me realize how truly beautiful my Pakistan is. The mesmerizing Attan, the many-fold Bugti Shalwar, that typical Karachi accent and the beautiful silsila of Gilgit, everything reflected the radiance of my motherland.

From hiking for 3 hours’ straight to lighting a camp fire and cooking our own food with meager rations, this whole experience forced me to channelize my inner potential.

Those 4 days taught me such amazing lessons which my 22 years of life couldn’t!

Team work, breaking your barriers, eradicating your ego, being the first drop of rain and unleashing the fire energy within you are few of the many things which left a deep impression on my mind.

The serene Mukshpuri peak and that enchanting starry sky will always refresh my mind.

I could write a whole book on this thought provoking and soul relinquishing expedition but to conclude I would thank the team Youth Impact with all my heart for helping me pave my path in a positive direction.

Now, Optimistic, gleeful and a fighter are the words which define me and they always will. Markhor! A word which shall stay with me till eternity!

Maryam Bukhari

Delegate Markhor’15