May 11, 2016 Youth Impact

Living All You Can

Are you living all you can? If so, you are one of the few lucky souls that either is born with an incredible spirit – OR one of us, who had to learn it the hard way. You can learn to live life to the fullest. It takes practice and power to defeat the habits that hold you back.1

Life is the biggest gift, be sure to use it is as one!

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What keeps most people from living each day, each moment, to the fullest? Three things: Worry, Regret, and Fear.

Worry is living in the future instead of the moment. Worry is a pessimistic approach to life. When you live in worry, you’re constantly asking ‘what if this happens?’, ‘and if this happens, what if that happens? You trade your life for shadowy possibilities, piling one on top of the next until the weight becomes unbearable.

Regret is living in the past instead of the moment. Regret is a shameful approach towards life. You look behind, and wish things were different. You constantly tell yourself ‘if only I’d done that differently’, and ‘if I had done that differently, I’d been there instead of here.

Fear is living in uncertainty instead of now. Fear is a timid approach to life. When you live in fear, you hold back, denying yourself and others a world of possibilities.

The antidote to worry is refocusing on NOW. Right this moment. What do you see, what do you smell, what do you taste, what is in your lap and in your life right this minute? That is the reality.

The cure for regret is two-fold: acceptance and forgiveness. It is what it is. You are where you are. You cannot change what was, you can only build on what is. You did the best you could with all of your resources. What matters is, ‘How you go about today?’

The solution for fear is faith. You have been protected and provided for right up to this very minute. It will continue. Do well to others; will receive well in return.

Take an inventory of the things you have to be thankful for, and you will see the bigger picture. This moment will never come again. Savor it for all that is NOW. Direct your attention towards the people, places and things you’re experiencing NOW.

This is the secret of living life to the fullest.



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