May 11, 2017 Youth Impact

Little drops of water make the mighty oceans

Standing at the river side or walking beside the beach envying the beauty of river and sea have you ever wondered to whom this beauty really belongs? It’s the beauty of each and every drop in the sea that makes it sparkle, that makes it wave with confidence along its fellow droplets. Together these drops can do wonders if given the right direction.
But when the same drop is separated from the rest droplets you will not even notice it you will not even know about its existence near you.

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But you should not be like that drop of water because you are not the drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. You must be portraying your true might as the ocean’s abilities to prove that.
If you are a student you must be very aware of the importance of this little drops of water make the mighty oceans because of that sath sath parhny wala kam or that roz ka roz parhna hy. Students even confuse that if they are genius they don’t have to bother much about the study things much. But that’s a big mistake.

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Every drop adds to the making of an ocean. Every practice counts. No matter how much of natural talent you have, what really matters most is the time and effort you put in.
You can see many people around you holding positions of leadership and influencing those who do little or nothing with that talent. There are also people who go about their daily lives, making huge impact on the people around them. You can be the King of the World and have nothing to show for it. But you can also be a teacher, a custodian, a family doctor, an artist, an engineer etc. and change someone’s life.
It’s all about the start. Making someone smile. Being someone’s friend. Beginning a movement.
Hamna Sajjad |

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