October 22, 2015 Youth Impact

“Life isn’t difficult; we have just made our life really complicated”


It was 2014, when I heard a word “Markhor” for the very first time when I was listed an Ambassador for. This word always was fascinating whenever I heard or took but just for the time being, I was unaware of the fact this would be the best experience of my life am going to remember for rest of my life. After staying somewhere between in “Yes, I am going” and “No, am not going” finally it was exciting to be off on a journey I was really looking forward.

This was just an outing I was heading to in the morning without knowing something different is going to be happen, something so exciting and new that I will carry with me for long. Some moments are the best, some are nicer, and some are even worth writing about. I am short of words here to elaborate my experience which I will sum up in a word it was “Life-Changing” which ended up a success.

Oh! What a diversity of Places, the cultures, the Families, the People, and the Institutes around where I got a nice bunch as my tribe known as “KUNHAR” I will call a Well-Pack. We didn’t had any blood relation, we didn’t knew each other nor we had any terms before but what I have with them now and what we are to each other is worth keeping as a treasure for my whole life . These people are the best I have met in my life so far.
From hiking to lighting the fire on the peak, from crying on cutting onions to crying on our lives we wasted, from the leg pulling to caring and sharing stuff with each other, from the laughing fits to getting serious on “Goliyaan chal jani hein”, thank you so much for bear with me all the way for being bossy throughout and my favorite eating-time-discussion topic. You people are just amazing, I love each one of you for all the respect and care.

Though we stayed far behind the other tribes in one way or the other but I really don’t have any regret for not getting a label of winning tribe. It was the life we won at the end by knowing the actual purpose of, what we can and what thoughts we have to choose that gives us the emotions of being alive and excited about life. I never took my life as serious as am getting it now. Life is far too valuable to waste in regrets of the past and for planning to grab many titles in the future so why not we find more purposes and then joy in today living it to the fullest by choosing to give a chase to BETTER rather than MORE.

Life isn’t that difficult; we have just made our life really complicated by depending on the things around. We are all materialistic in some way or other, where we don’t need much to live. The things aren’t basics to live, it’s are the purposes to live for. We can stay without technology, we can stay out of our comfort zones, we can stay alive by eating two times a day just to fulfill the damn hunger rather than a huge fine meal but we can’t stay without relationships…it’s all the behavior, actions and your triumphs at the end you will be known and remember for.

Sundus Altaf

Delegate Markhor’15